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    Phoksundo Lake Dolpo

    Incredible enchanting features

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    Vyashi Dolpo

    Where the epic book Ved was written

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    Sallaghari Dolpo

    Thrills of staying inside the jungle

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    Dolpo- culturally and naturally

    The authentic Tibet outside Tibet

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  • Phoksundo Lake Dolpo

    Phoksundo Lake Dolpo

    Incredibly enchanting features

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Fixed Departure Trips


Trek to North & South Base Camps of Kanchenjunga

27 10/03/2024 USD 4,000.00
27 10/15/2024 USD 4,000.00

Dho Tarap via Upper Dolpo Circuit

21 08/08/2024 USD 3,400.00

Shey Festival Via Inner Dolpo

28 days 08/22/2024 USD 3,875.00

Shey Festival Via Jomsom

27 days 08/17/2024 USD 3,960.00

Shey Festival via Saldang

23 days 08/22/2024 Price on Request

Phoksundo Teahouse Trek – 11 Days

10 Days 04/10/2024 USD 1,350.00
10 Days 05/15/2024 USD 1,350.00
10 Days 06/12/2024 USD 1,350.00
10 Days 09/11/2024 USD 1,350.00
10 Days 10/09/2024 USD 1,350.00
10 Days 11/06/2024 USD 1,350.00
upper mustang trek

Upper Mustang Trek

16 Days 05/08/2024 USD 2,060.00
16 Days 06/12/2024 USD 2,060.00
16 Days 09/11/2024 USD 2,060.00
16 Days 10/09/2024 USD 2,060.00

The most dedicated trekking and expedition company of Nepal, founded in the initiation of the enthusiastic young native people of Dolpo.

                                          Morning view of Dho-Tarap Dolpo
Dolpo is a paradise unexplored. Nature rewards this isolated western part of Nepal with exceedingly amazing landscapes and serene beauty that resemble the ones of Roof of the world- Tibet. In places, the beauty of Dolpo by far surpasses the striking views people get to behold in Tibet. Explore Dolpo a company that solely targets to bring trekkers around the globe to Dolpo and its neighboring region undoubtedly is the expert of treks in Dolpo.


Who else knows the place better than a Native


Committed to the People of Dolpo


Best Competitive Price. Ask others and evaluate the price


Experts of Dolpo and Varieties of Itineraries

The Pioneer of Trekking and Expeditions in Dolpo

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    Saldang is a village in the Dolpa District within the Karnali Zone of north-western Nepal. Situated at an altitude of3,620 meters (11,880 ft) in the Nakhong Valley, it resides in...
  • Shey Festival’s Four-Day Schedule.

    The Dolpo Shelri Dugdra Festival, also known as the Shey Crystal Mountain Festival, holds significant religious importance, believed to be the second most sacred site after Mt. Kailash (Gangkar Tise). Shey Ribo Drugdra or...
  • The team of Explore Dolpo is excellent. Everything was swift enough to satisfy was needs, Mustang was agreat place to end the trek.

    - Alin and Aline
    26 Jul, 2016
  • As I think you know, the trek went very well. Karma is a special treasure of Dolpo. His knowledge was very valuable in learning about the area.

    - Leonard Sanford Glassner
    26 Jul, 2016
  • I´ve just recently arrived back home from a 25 days trip (10 sept-04 oct) in Upper Dolpo with Explore Dolpo Trekking and Expedition. We were 4 friends from Europe and it took 6 nepalis, 4 mules and a horse  to help us achieve our goal. They did it in the most professional way and the…

    - Upper Dolpo Trek
    09 Dec, 2019
  • Our trekking dated from 4th August 2014 to 24th August has been very interesting and almost all has gone well.

    - Silvia and Claudio
    26 Jul, 2016