10 reasons to trek in Dolpo after the quake

Culture in Dolpo -Storing firewoods on the roof top reserved for the snowing season.

While trekking regions like Langtang and Manaslu have been temporarily restricted for the trekkers, Nepal prioritizes in promoting the trekking destinations, which are relatively less popular. Dolpo, one of the offbeat trekking region in Nepal remains intact after the powerful quake and emerges out to be the best alternative trekking region.

Beauutiful valley of Tinje -Upper Dolpo
Here we have listed 10 highlights of Dolpo that manifests why Dolpo is the most suitable trekking destination in Nepal after the quake.

  1. Until 1996, Dolpo forbade foreign travelers and for the last 1200 years, Dolpo has not experienced change. Hence, the forbidden trekking region in the west of Nepal that flanks Tibet to its north still houses the authentic Tibetan culture in the oldest form possible.
  2. Elevated barren plateaus separated by deep gorges in Upper Dolpo contrasts hugely with the fertile lowland of lower Dolpo. Hence, the trekking in Dolpo caters an opportunity to witness extreme physiographic diversity within the distance of few kilometers.
  3. Nestling at the rain shadow of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Kanjiroba, the region experiences maximum of 500 millimeters rainfall every year making it the best alternative destination to trek during the monsoon when other trekking regions of Nepal experience massive rainfall.
  4. An opportunity to tread the 6th stage trail of Great Himalayan Trail, that caters the beauty of both Nepalse and Tibetan landscapes.
  5. The frequent walks across 5000m plus windswept and isolated passes of the region that offer the astounding panorama of the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet.
  6. The natives in the culturally rich villages and their lifestyles, which clearly manifests the nomadic lifestyle of the people living in the region centuries ago.
  7. The Bon culture, which is still practiced in the many villages of Dolpo.
  8. Phoksundo Lake, Nepal’s one of the most beautiful lakes, which has unique attributes to grab the attention of the trekkers trekking in Dolpo.
  9. The floral and faunal biodiversity of Phoksundo National Park, which houses endangered species like snow leopard and the high value herbal crop like yarsagonpa.
  10. The adventure of walking in the least trodden trails, which demands significant endurance and sound physical condition

Harvesting their agricultural products- farming in dolpoHarvesting their agricultural products- farming in dolpo