• Bon-Dnce-Gorakh-Dolpo

    Tibet outside Tibet- Dolpo, where ancient Tibetan religion Bon thrives

      In several occasions, Dolpo has topped the list of fresh and unparalleled locations for Featured films and documentaries. In 1999 French director Eric Valli’s Himalayan Caravan not only exposed virgin boondocks of Dolpo, it also exhibited the unique culture of the people of Dolpo to the rest of the world. Similarly, in 2011 a…

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  • art of manjushree image

    Bon Religion and its History

    The Tibetan Bon creed instituted by Tonpa Shenrab Miwo centered West Tibet primarily and practiced shamanism. In the ancient days the religious heads of Bon and Shen chiefly led the death rituals of the Royals. Later when Dharmaraja introduced Buddhism in Tibet the religious conflicts began in different regions of Tibet. Whatsoever, Bon and the…

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  • Dolpo has something for everyone

    Wonderfully captured in Eric Valli’s 1999 Oscar nominated movie Himalayan Caravan, time forgotten region of Nepal, Upper Dolpo is one of the restricted regions for the foreign tourists. Though the movie played a significant role in exposing natural and cultural treasures of Dolpo including Shey Gompa to the rest of the world, a very few…

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  • Celebration in every 12 years- Shey Festival, Dolpo

      August 2012, Dolpo rejoiced Shey Pilgrimage Fair that was held in Saldang VDC, Dolpo. The celebration that brings thousands of devotees at the sacred highland monastery of Shey Gompa is celebrated in every 12 years (in the Year of the Dragon) in Inner Dolpo. Inner Dolpo is an extremely isolated mountainous region where the…

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