Who else knows the place better than a native? To explore the destination which is
stunningly beautiful and culturally unique and primitive with
the knowledgeable local guide is an opportunity to experience a holiday of a

Explore Dolpo Trek and Expedition is an ultimate guide to Wild West Dolpo. It is not only because we are natives of Dolpo; it is also because we operate the treks in the region directly from Dolpo. CG Trekking Stores in Dunai supplies every logistic required for the fully boarded treks in Dolpo including gamow bags and satellite phones. We arrange the Highland carriers yaks and mules and of course the best native guide. We own CG Trekking Stores.

We prioritize to offer the detailed and authentic information about the region providing reliable service to promote Dolpo as a special adventure and exploration destination in Nepal. Most of the trekking trails in Nepal have become too commercialized and overcrowded during the visiting seasons but Dolpo is a hidden isolated and sound place for trekking which has retained its pristine natural beauty, culture and tradition in its original state that had flourished long back. The oldest culture, tradition and the unspoiled nature with vast diversity make the region unique and precious.

If you have made your mind to enjoy the holiday trekking in the isolated Dolpo, you have come to the right place. We even have reasons for that. We offer the best price; needless to say every trekker to Dolpo is our client as we are the sole operators in Dolpo. Every trekking agency based in Kathmandu picks us to operate the treks in Dolpo.

Each Dolpo guide in our company speaks fluent English and local language. Besides we are one of the most dedicated trekking and expedition companies of Nepal serving Dolpo. We care about enhancing local economy, we care about conserving environment and most importantly we care about overall development of Dolpo, which is our home.

We have explored several hidden trails of the western region, especially in Dolpo that have remained virgin and are full of different taste with exciting mysterious facts. The experienced local professional guides take you through these trails safely and can help you to interact with the local people to collect unknown facts of the places, which will be added advantage during the trek.