Appeal to trek in Dolpo

Phoksundo Lake Dolpa

At the rare of the Himalayan peaks surrounded by harsh climatic conditions, barren hills and isolated lands there resides a mystical wonderland “Dolpa”. Dolpa stands a bit far with high and dry surrounding and the trip to reach there might be a strenuous trek but the beauty of the place is mesmerizing.

people in Lower Dolpo

Landscape of Dolpa is uncommon but Shey Phoksundo National Park covering half of the district is home to most endangered species of animals.Within the Park when you come across the Shey Phoksundo Lake you will be totally fascinated with its location, surroundings, aura, presence and the emerald water.

landscapes in Dolpo

Another attraction of the place is the 11th century Shey Gonpa, which lies at the base of Crystal Mountain. This Gonpa is an esteemed pilgrimage of the Buddhist .Every year hundreds of pilgrims come and make a circuit of the crystal peak. Beauty of the place is heavenly but because of harsh living conditions population density is low and not many trekkers trek to these areas.

elevated Gonpa in Dolpo and young monks

Being cut off from the modern world, people of Dolpa mostly Upper Dolpa are part of a unique and isolated culture. People here are mostly the adherents of Bon, a religion whose origin predates Buddhism. Life there still revolves around horses, mules and yaks. People still wear traditional attires and jewelries and the remains of the dead are given to vultures.

people of Upper Dolpo -Dho

This place has so much to offer and truly a holy place barely explored by many. Still many places in Dolpo are restricted for tourist and it would be a lifetime experience visiting the place, which has so much unique treasures to offer.

high passes in Dolpo

The important factor is that Dolpo is the safest trekking destination in Nepal after the quake 2015. Considering the safety issues and the incredible rewards despite all the hardships to get there, we urge every traveler to give a try for the trekking holiday in Dolpo. We guarantee you will have the best walking holiday you have ever had or will have.

Himalayan view in Dolpo