7 Great Activities – Best Things To Do in Nepal

Nepal has an overwhelming number of experiences to offer you. Despite the size, you will be impressed to know the extent of variation it has in terms of geography, biodiversity, and culture. Here we have listed down seven best things to do in Nepal that encompasses all of these peculiar experiences.


With Nepal being home to an incredible 800km stretch of Himalayans, trekking , of course,had to be in the list and top it! Famous for Himalayan regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Manaslu, Nepal boasts of more than hundred trekking trails of all kinds of difficulty level. Be it a trek involving crossing high passes for the adrenaline junky in you or a low-altitude but panoramic trek for the nature lover in you, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Peak climbing

Peak climbing is the perfect adventure choice for alpine-lovers who want to step up from trekking and practice for mountaineering expeditions. The Nepalese mountaineering association has opened over 30 peaks for climbing in Nepal. Peaks like ImjaTse, Mera Peak, Pisang Peak, and Lobung Peak offer stunning views of the surrounding Himalayans and majestic eight thousanders!

Adventure sports

Owing to its fabulous geographical diversity, its safe to say Nepal is the world’s best playground. From the soaring peaks of Himalayans to lush forests of Terai, the country offers you with an array of adventure sports to enjoy. Skydiving, thermal paragliding, parahawking, ultralight, bungee, and white-water rafting are some of the adventure sports you can indulge in while in Nepal for a memorable and thrilling experience.

Cultural Exploration

There are people of over 100 ethnic groups residing in Nepal and speaking over 120 languages. Thus, the country is dotted with different types of civilizations that have their own distinct culture, traditions and festivals. Be it witnessing the height of Nepalese culture at the capital city or exploring the ancient Buddhism practiced at the mountains, one thing is sure that you will be have great cultural as well as spiritual experience while at Nepal.

World Heritage Sites tour in Kathmandu

Kathmandu may very well be the administrative hotspot of Nepal, but it is also the epitome of the richness and prosperity of Nepalese culture and its tangible and intangible heritages. Seven out of ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Kathmandu Valley, which can be visited within two days in a relaxed manner. Be it a walk around the Boudha Nath Stupa, a stunning meditative monument which is largest of its kind the world, exploring centuries old Hindu Temples of Pashupati Nath and Changu Narayan, or exploring the real-life museum that is Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the cultural and historic beauty of Nepalese capital will leave you in awe.

Guided City Tours

There are several other Nepalese cities that are famous for their own distinct identity and heritage. For instance, Lumbini is renowned for being the birthplace of Buddha and its incredible monasteries and Pokhara is famous for its serene lakes, mountain views, and array of adventure sports. Similarly, the southern cities of Chitwan and Bardiya are famous for majestic national park and rich biodiversity. A tour to these cities will help you to understand the Nepal, its people, and heritages even better.