• sick in nepal what to do

    What happens if you get sick in Nepal and what to do?

    You are always exposed to some risk of getting sick when travelling in a developing country. The chances are heightened even more so trekking at higher elevation where hygiene is less managed and lower oxygen levels reduce resistance to fight infections. It is crucial to have a plan in place for it and when that…

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  • Everest expedition in spring season

    Everest Expedition during springtime

    Mount Everest is renowned worldwide for being the highest peak in the world. Reaching its pinnacle still remains the holy grail of even finest mountaineers. Every year, hundreds of people from all over the world flock to the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal to visit this stunning mountain. The mountain’s magnificent grandeur, promise of a…

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  • best place in nepal for nature lovers

    5 Best places in Nepal for Nature Lovers

    Even saying Nepal is one of the most beautiful places in world would be an understatement. It indeed is a piece of heaven on earth. Despite its small size, Nepal boasts of such rich topography and versatility that it will leave you awestruck. Mother nature has indeed blessed the country with a great abundance of…

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  • adventurous destination in nepal

    Best Adventurous Destinations in Nepal

    With the extent of geographical diversity Nepal is endowed with, it is no surprise to know that the tiny Himalayan nation is also the world’s best playground. From the soaring peaks of the northern Nepal to the very dense jungles of south, the country boasts of more than hundred adventure sport activities and sports to…

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  • best things to do in Nepal

    7 Great Activities – Best Things To Do in Nepal

    Nepal has an overwhelming number of experiences to offer you. Despite the size, you will be impressed to know the extent of variation it has in terms of geography, biodiversity, and culture. Here we have listed down seven best things to do in Nepal that encompasses all of these peculiar experiences. Trekking With Nepal being…

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  • nepal national parks

    Six Best National Parks in Nepal

    One sure has heard of the aspiring tales of mountaineering and climbing expeditions in the Himalayans. But, little does one know about rest of Nepal’s natural beauty that is often overshadowed by the tall peaks. In addition to the Himalayans, Nepal also boasts of equally majestic green hills, dense forests, dwindling white rivers, serene alpine…

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  • traveling to Nepal

    5 Things to know before traveling to Nepal

    Often known as “the road less traveled”, traveling to Nepal is one of the most amazing things to do in this lifetime. Nepal is humble in spite of its nature’s splendor and cultural madness. Nepalese people have earned a reputation worldwide and rightly so for being welcoming and generous to its guests. While there, of…

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  • upper dolpo in spring

    Upper Mustang in Spring

    Situated in north-western Nepal bordering Tibet, Mustang is an old kingdom of the Lobas (natives of the region). Nepal’s Mustang region has preserved a life unchanged for centuries. Tucked behind the colossal Himalayan giants of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri at the top of Asia on the baked Tibetan Plateau, it has long been isolated from the…

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  • Off the beaten trekking

    Three best off-beaten trekking destinations in Nepal

    Nepal and its mountains do not need any introduction. The country was shut to foreigners until the 1950s and the trekking culture commenced only 20 odd years ago. But with the series of impeccable mountain ranges it houses, Nepal has inarguably become one of the most loved destination countries for trekking and alpine adventures. Every…

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  • homestay in nepal

    Homestay in Nepal, What to Experience

    Nepal is a developing country and most of the places in the country has only seen modern day facilities after the turn of the century. While the Kathmandu valley and few cities like Pokhara, Butwal, etc seem well developed with most, if not all the modern day facilities, the true face of the country and…

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