• First Dolpo Buddha Memorial Cup 2021

    Dolpo cup firstly started around 2015. It was first started by some teachers and local staff who work in school. As they loved to play football they decided to play and match between villages boys with a bet to celebrate drinks. But later as the number of graduate students of Dolpo who studied in cities…

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  • Namdo Phola Chodpa

    May the father deity (AphoYula) and mother deity (Ama Rinag) be always happy and harmonious! May your blessing and wise security for the village, cattle, and yearly crops be always best everywhere! May your wishes be fulfilled! Rain and snow be fell on time! May the crops grow the best! May the cattle get the…

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  • Dho-Tarap (The Heart Dolpo)

    Dho-Tarap (Heart of Dolpo) According to different sources, Dho-Tarap is known as one of the highest Human settlements in the world.  DhoTarap valley is located at the heart of Dolpo. Approximately 1,500 people live in three village clusters in the valley: Dho, Tokyu, and Lang. Dho has 120 households and is located at an altitude of…

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  • Dolpo( The Next Top Destination)

    Dolpo (Dolpa) Dolpo is very famous among the foreigners and the local people of Upper Dolpa. Dolpo is often referred to Upper regional part of the Dolpa district. Similarly, Dolpa is the official name of the largest District of Nepal in the area. Which is located in the western part of Nepal and bordering China…

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  • Fair for Special Journeys Amsterdam

    Dear Friends and Partners, We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the Fair for Special Journeys on 11th and 12th January 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Anyone who have curiosity of having highland treks or expedition especially for the Western region of Nepal can contact us to gather authentic information. Likewise we will also be…

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  • rara lake trekking highlights

    Rara Lake Trekking Highlights

    Only a couple of years back, scarcely a hundred people made treks to Rara. Today, it is a standout amongst the most looked for in the wake of trekking goals in the nation. Its magnificence is supreme, culture is antiquated, and biodiversity is past flexible. While there could be unlimited motivations to visit Rara for…

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  • best places to visit in Nepal

    4 Best Places To Visit in Nepal

    Opened to outsiders simply after 1950s, Nepal draws guests for a large group of reasons. Some are allured by the mountains and look to vanquish them, while the others are profoundly captivated by the old Nepalese culture and City of Temples. The minor Himalayan country can either be an adrenaline experience, a social and otherworldly…

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  • tips of successful ebc trek

    Tips for a successful Everest Base Camp Trek

    Mt Everest,  being highest mountain on the Earth, every travel enthusiast and mountain lovers want to have a glimpse of it and this is the reason why it’s one of the most popular trekking destination in the World. Everest helicopter tour with landing has been trending considering the time it needs and the view it…

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  • trekking in nepal autumn

    Five Best Treks for Autumn 2019 in Nepal

    Autumn, the season between summer and winter, is the peak season for trekking and alpine adventures in Nepal. Although the days are relatively shorter, the weather is just perfect in Nepalese Himalayan. Everything in sight turns a bright orange color, lifting the region’s beauty by leaps and bounds. In Nepal, Autumn stretches from September to…

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  • Bon in Dolpo

    Bon religion in Dolpo A short glimpse of Bon religion Bon religion can be classified into three types. They are prehistoric Bon, Yungdrung Bon and New Bon. The activities of prehistoric Bon are akin to central Asian shamanism. Secondly, Yungdrung Bon was founded by Buddha Tonpa Shenrab who lived on this earth many thousands of…

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