Bon Religion in Dolpo

Nepal is the newest secular country in the world and it houses people having faith in diverse religions. Bon, one of the oldest religions of the world can be seen in the isolated wild west of Nepal, Dolpo.

Bon an indigenous religion of Tibet believed to be founded by Tonpa Shenrab was introduced to the Himalayas of Nepal when people from Tibet migrated to Dolpo (Upper Dolpo). It is the religion that exists only in the Himalayas introduced around 11th century before the Buddhism was introduced in this region.

Bon Monastery in Dolpo

The followers of Bon were offended frequently in history and were forced to adapt Tibetan Buddhism and hence they fled to the regions of present Nepal (Upper Dolpo) where they could practice shamanism freely. Present days in Dolpo Buddhist and Bons live peacefully which has increased the glory of the place. This ancient and unique religion often confused with Buddhism still exist in Dolpo, very few in numbers.

Bonpos of Dolpo

The Bon religion in Dolpo offers you with its unique and primitive culture including monasteries and temples that are practicing and preserving the culture of Bonpo (followers of Bon) in different parts of this region. These seek the attention of the world to preserve and flourish this ancient religion before it disappears.

Kid in Ringmo - the popular Bon Village

Our Bon Sanctuary Trek, which is a month long walking adventure takes you to most of the Bon Villages of Dolpo, that include Ringmo, Shamling Gonpa, Rakyor and Lubrak among others before its ends in the windy city Jomsom via Kagbeni.

Inside Bon Monastery