• everest base camp nepal

    Top five reasons on why is the Everest Base Camp so popular

    The tallest peak on the planet, Mt. Everest, has wielded a glorious draw for more than a century now. Everybody wants a peek of the Mt. 8,848. That is why, it is the most popular trekking destination in the whole world. Every year, more than 50,000 thousand aspiring trekkers travel to the Everest region to…

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  • nepal national parks

    Six Best National Parks in Nepal

    One sure has heard of the aspiring tales of mountaineering and climbing expeditions in the Himalayans. But, little does one know about rest of Nepal’s natural beauty that is often overshadowed by the tall peaks. In addition to the Himalayans, Nepal also boasts of equally majestic green hills, dense forests, dwindling white rivers, serene alpine…

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  • dolpo trekking nepal

    Why you should always sign-up for traveling in the places like Dolpo

    Dolpo is an unexplored heaven on earth. This unbelievably amazing paradise of a land offers breathtaking amazing landscapes and serene beauty that one would treasure for life. Most unique of culture, hospitable people, and rich in monasteries, Dolpo is not recognized as much compared to other trekking destinations in Nepal. Nepal is the country of…

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  • traveling help for couple

    How Traveling in Nepal make you a Better Lover

    Monotony and endless routine is one of the top stressors in the life of an average individual. Everything from work, social life, relationships and even sex life can seem boring or tedious due to the monotonous way of living life. It’s always nice to spice things up a little. One way to bring some spontaneity…

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  • Upper Dolpo Trek, Photo Essay

    Upper Dolpo trek, is a reminiscent expedition to the past itself, hiking across jagged mountainous county. The hike traverses across dry-stone-walled hamlets and centuries old Tibetan monasteries, leaning snowy valleys, sculpted gorges, hallowed mountains, crystal clear highland lakes and sometimes snow covered passes. Upper Dolpo Trek with Explore Dolpo takes you to the piece of…

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  • Diversely cultured 3 most beautiful villages of Dolpo

    Dolpo is an amazing piece of heaven on earth, which caters tremendously beautiful landscapes. Landscapes in Dolpo are diverse. The lush vegetation of Shey Phoksundo National Park, which is the home to incredibly beautiful Phoksundo Lake, also houses scores of species of floras and faunas, which include elusive snow leopard to high value crop yarsagumba.…

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  • Yarsagumba, the high value gold found in wild Dolpo yet to define its real use

    Dolpa is known for the immense deposit of natural and cultural treasure. The vast biodiversity can be experienced everywhere in the huge geographical expanse. It has been presumed that several precious species of herbs can be available within this vast spread land. Unfortunately, very few species have been in focus till now that is also…

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  • Sinja Valley, important historic landmark of Jumla to Rara Lake Trek

    An outstanding valley that nestles isolated in the western mountains, Sinja Valley was once and for a long time a capital city of 12th to 14th century powerful western Malla or Khasa kingdom – as per the archaeological evidences found during the excavations. The Khasa kingdom split into twenty-two hundred petty kingdoms after the 14th…

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  • Lower Dolpo Trek, fascinating highlights

    The isolated destination, where nature is as raw as it was centuries ago and the culture is very close to the nomadic one, Dolpo is truly a distant heaven. Trekking in Dolpo is no doubt an incredible opportunity to witness the untouched beauty of Nepal. We cater many treks to Dolpo and among them Lower…

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  • History of Dolpo, how it became the territory of Nepal

    The human civilization in Nepal seems to have from 8th century as per the scholars who tend to find historical aspects of the region. It was between 6th to 8th centuries that the powerful Yarlung Dynasty from Tibet conquered all the Tibetan speaking territories of the region.  Because of the mission of conquering people living…

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