Dolpo, which lies in the mid western part of Nepal, is also known as the district behind the Himalayas. The famous Dhaulagiri range stands as the boundary fence of the region in the south. Though, the district covers nearly 6% of landmass of the country, the human settlements are very thin due to the remoteness and the vastness of the region where several places have remained still unexplored.

The district is divided into two regions i.e. Upper and Lower Dolpo. When the Nepal Government opened the restricted areas of the district in 1989, it has become the most charming destination for the trekkers in Nepal. Upper region is restricted area so the trekkers have to get special permit from the government of Nepal to get there.

Some organized trekkers use to visit this region every year and satisfy themselves exploring the virgin natural excitements, unexploited culture and traditions.

In fact, the natural beauty of this region is incomparable. Existence of everything seems to be frozen in its natural state a long back, ‘cute and innocent’.

In spite of the remoteness the district is a hidden paradise with untouched culture and tradition in the midst of divine nature.

Diversity of nature, culture and tradition adds uniqueness of the district; the district is also a huge treasure of different valuable medicinal herbs.