Explore Dolpo CSR Policy– You donate dollar five, we add another five to educate an underprivileged children.

Children are everyone’s business”, says UNICEF and “Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it”, quotes Carrie Underwood. Explore Dolpo Treks and Expedition truly follows these two noble lines to make a true impact in changing the society. As per its CSR policy, the company has begun to give back something appropriate to the society from where it sustains and makes a reasonable profit.

The company and its every client make a significant contribution to educate an underprivileged kid. “Explore Dolpo’s way to make a contribution to the community involves more people for the good cause which definitely is an appreciable endeavor”, say Explore Dolpo’s former clients.

Explore Dolpo contribute US $ 5 per trekker to far west Dolpo from the company and on the amount the clients add another five dollars. The western clients of Explore Dolpo are delighted to be the part of great cause spending just five dollars. They have the opportunity to trek around the most beautiful piece of Nepal and at the end; they donate the negligible amount for the best possible noble cause.

Eventually, the company plans to support the education of more underprivileged Nepalese children in the future. Acknowledging the necessity of education in the competitive twenty first century, the company has initiated this great cause which definitely would one day make a bang impact in the community.

The count to thousand begins from one and so does the count to millions. The beginning of great campaigns has started with one. Explore Dolpo does business professionally and contributes back to the community wholeheartedly.

Our CSR policy states, “rather than feeding someone the entire life it is better to equip the person with skills that would let him earn his bread by himself.” We believe in growing together. So, providing the fair opportunity to students who deserve proper and quality education is our goal through this campaign.

Involving the clients for the cause makes them feel special which is obvious in a way. Five dollars which worth a bottle of beer or two cans coke, here is utilized to educate a needy kid. The blend of splendid holiday and a holy action is what we want to offer our every valued client.

Besides 10 years of rampage during the civil war has created holes in every sector of Nepal and education is on the top of the list. So, a contribution like this would make a difference. Education has been basic element to survive and hence we have come up with our CSR policy to educate at least one underprivileged every year. Hopefully, the number of students we are educating would increase every next year.