Dolpo – few off the beaten paths in off the beaten destination itself

dolpo trek

Since the inception of this website and form the first day we have been trying to blog, we have included the stuffs that describe about the incredible highlights of Dolpo. After the powerful quake of M 7.9, our priority has shifted to prove Dolpo is the safest trekking destination in Nepal, which is obvious.

But the real question still is about Dolpo’s fascinating attributes we have mentioned so many times. Is Dolpo a true gold rush for the travelers across the world. For those, who prefer luxurious beach holidays or for those travelers who crave to see the modern developments mankind has made – Dolpo would surely disappoint you.

phoksundo Lake Dolpo

Coming to the point, Dolpo is the land that mesmerizes those travelers willing to see the most primitive form of lifestyles and the rawest form of untouched nature. Though we call ourselves, the experts of Dolpo being the natives of this heaven on Earth – we have not been able to explore all the destinations within Dolpo because it is huge and the routes to these unknown landmarks are yet to be explored.

We have recently explored with our team of guides and photographer to Gyakochen Lake and have come up with the brand new tourism product exclusively catered by us – Photography Trek in Dolpo with Gorakh Bista, the same photographer who was the part of our exploration team.

bon culture in Dolpo

Similarly, the Bon culture that still thrives in Dolpo better than in Tibet has been highlighted in our Bon Sanctuary Trek in Dolpo. For the travelers trying to skip the strenuous walk in the rugged trails of Dolpo; however, want to witness the magnificence of Upper Dolpo, we have introduced the Luxury Heli Trek in Upper Dolpo. Similarly, we have designed the best itineraries for travelers craving to sight the harvesting procedure of Yargagonpa as well the possible sighting of elusive snow leopard.

These are only the sample products, we have launched and we have been operating for the travelers willing to explore the best of off the beaten regions of Nepal. Since, we are the sole experts in handling treks in Dolpo and flanking regions we have scores of products catering diverse highlights of the Wild West where only few trekkers have managed to reach.

monasteries in dolpo

Talking about the highlights of Dolpo yet again, Phoksundo Lake, incredible biodiversity of floral and faunal species, the Bon culture, highland nomadic lifestyle, elevated monasteries with wonderful myths attached with them, contrasting landscapes ranging from lush tropical forests, to arid widespread deserts to sparkling lofty peaks and the unarguably the absolute tranquility are the major stuffs we have mentioned every time. And to be honest we may not have been able to describe these astounding highlights properly because they are by far more wonderful than the description made in any website by any writer.

wildlife in Dolpo

The bottomline of the blog is that we have products in Dolpo and Wild West Nepal that suit travelers having diverse preferences and priorities. All you have to do is understand what you want and then close your eyes trusting us and we guarantee we will cater you the most beautiful holiday you have ever had.