Dolpo- the isolated paradise in the west begins to taste development

Development in Dolpo

Dolpo; one of the remotest districts of Nepal has been gradually been the charming trekking destination amongst all high land trekkers across the globe. The district holds a large portion of land area of Nepal with small population of nearly 36000. Though geographically it is one of the remotest regions still it has own importance of cultural, natural and religious diversity within close places.

Dolpo had frozen long back in the course of development but now during the last decade the development is growing steadily in different aspects. Earlier most of the villages of Dolpo had no electricity or communication facilities but now nearly all of the villages have these facilities. Most of the people of all the villages have cell phone.

Development in Dolpo

The Government Schools, which were paralyzed long back now, are activated to provide good educations with some extra supports from generous local and foreign individuals and organizations. Thus, the number of school going children has been increased and the number of educated generation is growing up.

Though the roadways around the headquarters have been constructed, still the transportation to the villages especially in the upper region of Dolpo has remained as a challenge.

The eating habit has also been changed a lot. People those who were dependent and used the local traditional grains and potatoes are now growing vegetable mostly in the lower region. In the upper region, it is almost impossible without a green house. Some individuals are trying to grow vegetables in the plastic domes as experimental basis in the upper regions too.

Development in Dolpo

Before a decade, we used to see the tourist with some strangers visiting this place but now a day we can see all the trekkers with Dolpo native people on the trekking trails and expeditions.

Several old Gompas (Monasteries) have been reconstructed, renovated and taken in the priority of conservations. The Dolpo Bon School is also providing traditional and advance teachings, which is appreciable in the conservation of Bon religion. Likewise, Tripura Sundari Temple has been renovated recently also maximized the belief especially of Hindu pilgrims and attracts the attention of many people of the nation and abroad.

Overall, the phenomenon of change goes on; sometimes rapidly and sometimes slowly. The real thing is that it should go on in the positive way. Explore Dolpo hopes one-day Dolpo will be a real paradise. We will make it happen.