First Dolpo Buddha Memorial Cup 2021

Dolpo cup firstly started around 2015. It was first started by some teachers and local staff who work in school. As they loved to play football they decided to play and match between villages boys with a bet to celebrate drinks. But later as the number of graduate students of Dolpo who studied in cities mainly, Kathmandu started to increase. They started to host the tournament between limited villages as enjoyment and gathering people.
2021: As youth begin to show interest in football more than ever. Dolpo Buddha supported the volunteers and organized the tournaments for the first time. Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipalities invited neighboring rural municipalities to the tournament, which was hosted successfully on August 11 in 2021.
This time. It was host by ward no.6 (Shimen) of Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipalities. The tournament was host between different wards of Different RMs of Dolpo. So, in total nine teams were able to take part in the tournament this year. Some villages could not make it as it is too far. They played league between the teams forming two groups.
This year Dolpo Buddha Memorial Cup title was taken by ward no.6 (Dho village) in penalty.
During the tournament not only players did attend but also villagers from different villages to support their teams. Many other shows like Dolpo cultural dance, newly trending disco, which is a combination of cultural dance with disco music. Which is influenced by the autonomous region of Tibet (China). The tournament lasts for four days.
So, every year each ward will initiate the tournament partner with Dolpo Buddha RM. In the coming year, people are expecting more sports activities and more cultural shows.