Five things to consider while trekking in Dolpo

trekking in dolpo

“Dolpo, the beautiful land exactly described in the fairytales lies in the wilderness of Nepal’s western outback. The astonishingly beautiful landscapes along the trails of the trek in Dolpo however, demand the challenging walk.”

Restricted Region in the rain shadow of dazzling Dhaulagiri and kinder Kanjiroba, the upper Dolpo is relatively an expensive trekking destination in Nepal asking USD 50 per day as restricted region fee plus the logistic cost. The tough geographical conditions brand Dolpo and flanking territories, as the least populous regions of nomadic inhabitants.

trekking in dolpo

“Culture as old as old as ancient Tibet and the hospitality as warm as mother’s hug – Dolpo is truly the settlements of best Tibetan breed.”

While planning the treks in Dolpo, trekkers need to know few things, which are not widely practiced during the treks in most of the trekking regions of Nepal and other parts of the world. They are specifically made for the longer versions of walking adventures in the remotest corners of the world like Dolpo. Have a look.

Selection of Route for proper acclimatization

While trekking in Dolpo, trekkers must keep in mind that selecting the correct trail is mandatory. Do not go for the trail that rises up to the elevation above 5000m plus dramatically in couple of days or more. For example, the Dolpo to Mustang Trek we cater can be done other way around but the real problem is the elevation that goes up beyond 5000m at Jugben La Pass after few days of kicking off the trek. Proper Acclimatization during the trek is essential and here in Dolpo the improper acclimatization can invite the alarming situation.

trekking in dolpo

Trekking in Dolpo is a challenging endeavor every day. The dramatic rise of elevation, tough trails and the very sparse human settlements could put trekkers into serious problems. During the hard times if the trekkers go through during Dolpo Trek, the helicopter rescues do not come cheap and fast, hence we urge trekkers to take the complete insurance that covers all the cost including helicopter rescues.

Local Operator and guides

Though sole trekker cannot tread the trails of Dolpo, we recommend everyone to find the local or international operators, who can arrange every logistics at every place in Dolpo. Almost no teahouses and extreme wilderness makes Dolpo challenging and hence trekkers need to exactly understand the demand of the place. Local operators who can arrange local guides capable to speak local languages can be the big advantage while trekking in Dolpo.

trekking in dolpo
Carry extra light food

Since the places in Dolpo do not cater food facilities easily, the full-boarded treks are recommended. The porters carry logistics required for the entire trek but sometimes they may not be simply sufficient. So we suggest trekkers to carry as much as light foods that include chocolates, glucose, flakes and biscuits so that there is always an option for picnic lunch with the food you are carrying whenever required. Plus carry water purifying pills to make sure you drink pure water.

trekking in dolpo
Gadgets and Equipments

Most of places of Upper Dolpo have no access to electricity and hence getting to such paradise and returning empty without enough photographs can be disheartening. We suggest trekkers to carry extra chargers or batteries during the treks to Dolpo.