Homestay in Nepal, What to Experience

Nepal is a developing country and most of the places in the country has only seen modern day facilities after the turn of the century. While the Kathmandu valley and few cities like Pokhara, Butwal, etc seem well developed with most, if not all the modern day facilities, the true face of the country and the struggle is seen in the remote villages of the country.

The everyday life of the remote areas may not necessarily be termed as struggle, but rather it can be said that life is quite simple away from the city.

And that simplicity is exactly what you can experience when you Homestay in Nepal. There are plenty of homestay guest houses designed precisely to give you a sense of the Nepali lifestyle, but that’s not accurate, not by a long shot. To truly experience Nepali lifestyle, you should do a homestay in remote parts of the country, that’s where you will truly acknowledge a different lifestyle and different set of culture and belief.

So, what are you going to experience?

Simplicity – and not so much Luxury

As said before, life is quite simple in the remote parts of the country. You might not have seamless access to wifi, spacious rooms for yourself like in a hotel, and probably not even an attached bathroom. Rest assured, you are not being denied of the privilege but the people in these parts have never had such luxury. In fact, what we are used to in our daily life might seem like a luxury we take for granted while staying in these places.


Never for a second will you be considered as an outsider. Nepalese people regard guests as gods and there are plenty of religious stories regarding the matter. While Nepalese are polite people in general, you will be experiencing love and affection of being treated as a family member throughout your homestay. You will be invited to dine in the same place and basically offered everything they have.

Exposure to New Culture

From every festival to the kind of food Nepali local people eat and the way they dress, everything might be different from what you’re used to. And you will have to adjust somewhat to that. But if you look at it from the explorer’s perspective, you will gain immense pleasure and have lots of fun learning new culture.

Language Barrier

While you will have lots of fun and learn a lot, you will have to deal with some serious language barrier. You might not have faced any problem in the city, but in the village, the best you’re getting is broken English from few educated people. However, you will have a good opportunity to learn authentic Nepali in a practical way.

Spiritual Vibes

The lifestyle is surely simple but it’s not just that. People aren’t worried about earning a million dollars and owning a fancy car, in fact there’s not much to worry about amidst the open spaces and fresh air. You will find your whole experience to be remarkably humbling. It’s all quite spiritual, to say the least.