Key points to remember during Dolpo Treks

dolpo trek in nepal

“Dolpo has not yet acquired the popular status as the Everest & Annapurna Trekking Regions of Nepal have gained. However, trekking in Dolpo has something unique in its magical air that spellbinds every trekker to the region with the mysticism of this time-frozen land.”

dolpo trek in nepal

The charm of extreme wilderness in the landscapes resembling Tibet, Dolpo houses deep and mysterious ravines, beautifully sculptured rock outcrops and of course, the scintillating Himalayan peaks dominated by kinder Kanjiroba and dazzling Dhaulagiri. The Bon culture that is thriving more beautifully than the place of its origin itself in highland hamlets of Dolpo and the nomadic lifestyle in the sparsely populated villages are great cultural encounters. The harmonious rhythm of Bon and Tibetan Monasteries, which tell the stories of the spiritual legends that, flew to Dolpo many centuries ago are majestic and enticing to explore.

dolpo trek in nepal

Trekking in Dolpo may not be as easy as trekking in other Himalayan Regions. However, the rewards trekkers get during the treks in Dolpo are by far more beautiful uniquely as Dolpo itself is the unique territory in Nepal; culturally and naturally.

In today’s post, we have pinpointed few basics trekkers need to know before setting off for the trek in the wilderness of magical Dolpo.

dolpo trek in nepal
  • Hire a guide from the reputed local operator, trekking alone to Dolpo is not a good idea at all.

  • Make sure you have acquired all the necessary permits to trek in Dolpo. If you are trekking with the local operator leave all the hassles to them, they will arrange every required permits for you.

  • Acknowledge your country’s Embassy or Office of Consulate about your trekking holiday to Dolpo.

  • Acquire abundant insurance for yourself and make sure all your trek staffs trekking with you also have the insurance policy.

  • Carry the copies of all the necessary documents like passport.

  • Get very well information about the Acute Mountain Sickness and carry the first aid kit and necessary medicines.

  • Act like a Roman when you are Rome; Respect the local culture and traditional beliefs

  • Treat your staffs properly and watch your step every time.

dolpo trek in nepal