Lake to Lake Trek – the best five highlights of whole West

“Lake to Lake Trek that caters the magnificence of two most beautiful lakes of Nepal including the authentic nomadic culture and unexplored territories of far West Nepal, Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek is one of the off the beaten treks of Nepal that caters the best of raw nature and primitive lifestyle of Nepal.”

The trek that begins from the remote airstrips of Juphal and ends at another remote airport in Talcha throughout the trek caters the most beautiful natural and cultural aspects of Nepal that are least explored or at times not at all explored.

Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek

Meant for experienced trekkers, who can endure the hardest times that can come across while trekking in the remotest wilderness, the trek is based on tented camps where the Sherpa cooks cook the food. The local guides lead the trek making the trek easier as they understand local dialect and the culture. At the meantime, the information regarding Dolpo and Rara Lake can be inherited to valued guest trekkers as our guides are fluent in speaking English and other international languages.

In today’s post, we have included the five biggest highlights of the trek.


The biggest highlights of the trek are two wonderful lake; Phoksundo & Rara. Phoksundo delights trekkers in the beginning of the trek, while Rara feast trekker’s eyes almost at the end of it.

National Parks

Two most beautiful protected parks housing rare and endangered highland species of plants and animals are also the prime highlights of the trek. Most of the times the trails of the trek run inside one of these parks. The diversity of floral and faunal species and the landscapes while trekking along the trails of these parks continuously mesmerize trekkers.


Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek

Cultural Villages

Trekking from Phoksundo Lake to Rara Lake also incorporates the best of nomadic culture. People in the region still practice the primitive culture, which are fascinating to watch now, where modernity has influenced every corner of the world except- the Wild West Dolpo and Rara.

Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek

Himalayan Views from High Passes

The trek is also popular for the sightings of least conquered Himalayan peaks and the peaks across the border. Moreover, the trails up to the elevated passes are challenging enough but the views of Himalayan peaks in north and the deep valleys in rest of the directions are so awesome that trekking in Dolpo and neighboring regions will always be in your head and soul.

Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek

Walk itself

The walk itself is the greatest highlight of the trek. Continuously walking for almost a month, where you don’t see much of modernity, you sight the rawest form of nature, and culture is truly the fascinating aspect of the trek. Being at absolute isolation many times is the biggest highlight of the trek as it gives you the sensation of being closer to nature, which in itself is the biggest experience one can rarely get.

Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek