Luxury treks in Dolpo – Nepal’s one of the best holidays after the quake


Explore Dolpo has designed few products, which cater extreme luxury to travelers having relatively short time explore the best of the wild west in Nepal. “Why these treks in Dolpo and wild west of Nepal are one of the best holidays in Nepal now” – let us explain.

Firstly, the tremor of the quake April 25 and and aftershocks were very rarely felt in the region and hence the region is totally unaffected by the quake. Secondly, the Luxury Treks in Dolpo with us takes you to the most beautiful places of Nepal in very short period of time, which implies the exploration of the best of Nepal’s cultural and natural aspects in just few days.

Here we have three most popular Luxury Treks of Nepal, which are perfect holiday products in Nepal for those travelers, who really want to help Nepal traveling to Nepal and that even to the safest destinations Nepal can cater now.

Luxury Pony Trek in Dolpo

This luxurious Pony Trek with Explore Dolpo begins at Yangzer. Riding a Pony on the high trail of Great Himalayan Trail our luxury trek in Dolpo winds through few most important villages of Dolpo all the way to Phoksundo Lake. From Phksundo Lake, we fly back to Kathmandu.



Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lakes

Flying swiftly on the Nepalese sky above the incredible landscapes that comprise wilderness of lush vegetation, magnificence of Himalayan panorama and authenticity of rural culture, the Luxury Trek to Phoksundo and Rara Lake in Nepal is the properly tailored holiday package in Nepal that caters the visit to the two most beautiful lakes of Nepal.

Luxury treks in Nepal

Luxury Trek to Phoksundo Lake

The luxury trek to Phoksundo with Explore Dolpo allows you to explore all the highlights in and around the Lake. During the two days stay in this fascinating place, we will explore the culturally rich Bon Village Ringmo. Ringmo sits on the landslide dam, which formed the lake several thousand years ago. While exploring Ringmo, we will visit the village to witness the Bonpo culture, we will thoroughly explore the Bon Gompa that lies east of the lake and the long queue of the stupas on the southern side of the lake. We will also explore the waterfall beyond the lake, which is originated from the lake itself.