May to October, the best months to trek in Dolpo

With less than 50 mm annual rainfall, Dolpo is Nepal’s only trekking destination, which can be trekked from May to the end of October. Unlike Trekking Regions of Nepal, which are not recommended to trek from May to October, Dolpo has this advantage.

trekking in dolpo
June, July and August, which are the monsoon moths in Nepal, being at the rain-shadow of Dhaulagiri and Kanjiroba, the region enjoys almost no or very little rainfall, while the rest of the parts of the country experiences massive rainfall.

The logic suggests that trekking to Dolpo when not many travelers visit Nepal during Monsoon has extra benefits in all possible ways. Firstly, the cost goes amazingly down as the hoteliers and other service providers agree to serve in discounted price. Secondly, having very few travelers, the visitors to Nepal during that time of the year can explore the country in defined way and in less crowded environment.

trekking in dolpo
Treks in Dolpo are closed from November to January because of the heavy snowfall in the region. The snowfall could happen until April and hence treks in Dolpo are recommended during this time of the year as well.