Namdo Phola Chodpa

May the father deity (AphoYula) and mother deity (Ama Rinag) be always happy and harmonious!

May your blessing and wise security for the village, cattle, and yearly crops be always best everywhere!

May your wishes be fulfilled!

Rain and snow be fell on time!

May the crops grow the best!

May the cattle get the good care and evergreen pastureland!

Best grass and best water be grown everywhere!

Namdo Phola Chodpa is an auspicious festival for all the Namdo villages including neighboring villages Saldang, Koma, Nisal, and others. It falls on the 13th of the 6th month of the Lunar Calendar. It falls between late July to August in the English calendar. This festival has been celebrating past ancestors. It has been recently exposed to the outside world due to access to new technologies. But it is not new it has been part of their culture and traditions.

Aghu Yula (deity) is believed to be the protector of Namdo and neighboring villages. People believed that Aghu Yula has been protecting Namdo village from bad spirits, intentions not only that it has been protecting their cattle, livestock even the pastureland.

It is celebrated at Neldhe (Shingthupra) every year. It takes a day to reach Neldhe from Namdo with a horse. It is celebrated for 2/3 days. It is a religious festival for Namdo people where every year they pray and wish good things in coming times.

Different activities are seen during this festival. Horse riding is the most promising among them. Villagers compete horses making.

Recently, as it gets more exposed people from neighboring villages like Tarap, Phoksundo has started taking part in festivals. It would be very interesting you could make it to the festival.

You get all kinds of cultural things that you want to see at once at a time. This would be the perfect trek for upper Dolpo.