“Nepal an unsafe destination to travel now” is not a justified logic

Powerful quake devastated Nepal and it has almost two months the ground underneath the Himalayan nation has been shaking. But does that mean Nepal is absolutely an unsafe destination to travel? We would say “No” and our answer has three logics to justify it.

is nepal an unsafe destination to travel


Number 1: What part of Nepal has been affected?

The quake epicentered an isolated village in Gorkha district and made its impact in the central region of the country. That means the trekking routes in the central region are affected and few monuments in Kathmandu Valley have been grounded. Majority of casualities and injuries happened in the region and people who have suffered to the highest degree has been from the same region. It doesnt mean the people from other regions didn’t suffer at all. The quake made an impact to 8 million Nepalese.

Apart from the central region other four regions of Nepal have suffered no damage or negligible damage. The trekking trails of Langtang and Manaslu Regions are temporarily restricted for the travelers. But, the other regions like, Everest, Annapurna and Dolpo among others are intact and ready to cater the most wonderful walking holidays.

is nepal an unsafe destination to travel

Number 2: What about the infrastructures in Nepal needed to cater the services to travelers?

First of all on arriving to Nepal there is no problem. The only international airport in Kathmandu is intact and running its services smoothly. The roadways that connect major touristic towns like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are all safe and sound and all the domestic airstrips in Nepal for trek or tour transfers are safe and conducting services as usual.

The hotels in Kathmandu and other parts of the country have been assessed and only those, which are absolutely safe to cater services are in operation and the percentage of hotels that are safe and conducting operation is above 90%.

is nepal an unsafe destination to travel

Number 3: What difference can a traveler see in Nepal visiting now?

The first thing the travelers can witness is the disaster tourism. Of course the cultural heritages of Kathmandu have suffered to some degree, which clearly manifests the level of disaster caused by the quake. Secondly, it is time to help Nepal and at the meantime to witness the resilience of Nepalese who are also known for their bravery and kindness.


14 out of 75 districts are affected during the quake that means eighty percentage of Nepal’s touristic destinations are safe.

Infrastructures are assessed and most of them are declared safe to operate their services

An opportunity to witness the worst nightmare in few parts of Kathmandu and neighboring villages and an opportunity to help and support the real quake victims.

is nepal an unsafe destination to travel

Travelers, we respect your priority of traveling safe but abundant research shall be made and decision shall be taken thereafter. If you have booked a holiday in Nepal and are planning to cancel the holiday- think and decide. Are you really making a good decision?