Nepal still the safe destination to travel

April 25 2015, the powerful Earthquake of moment magnitude 7.9 followed by hundreds of aftershocks have left Nepal in panicking situation.

“Many monuments carrying the glorified historic legacy have collapsed and few trekking destinations have suffered the landslides and avalanches triggered by the quake. But the question remains, has all the destinations that has touristic charm are unsafe? The simple answer is “No”.”

Based on the research we have made, we have three strong reasons to justify, why Nepal is once again one of the safest destinations to travel. We found out more than 80% of our tourist destinations have remained unharmed during the quake. The levels of energy to serve the guests within Nepalese have doubled and our necessary infrastructures to cater services are absolutely fine.

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Safe places to travel in Nepal

The quake affected only 14 districts of Central Nepal. Rest of Nepal is absolutely safe. The trekking regions like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga and Rara are absolutely safe. The wild life activities in Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are still the wonderful experiences that travelers can enjoy in Nepal.

people of nepal


The people of Nepal- Despite the biggest tragedy the Nepalese are facing, the people of Nepal have shown tremendous courage to bounce back and have shown immense hospitality to the people on Relief mission, which describes the true integrity of the Nepalese to provide the sensation of safety to their guests.

airport in nepal


The third and the most important reason that justifies, Nepal to be the safe travel destination after the quake is Assessment. After the quake, the government of Nepal has made enough assessment on its infrastructures. The unsafe hotels have been banned and the safe ones are operating. Our airport is safe and the roads that link the towns are declared safe to travel.