Norbu Kang Peak Climbing – 3 prime highlights apart from expedition

“Our Norbung Kang Peak Climbing Expedition takes you to Dolpo’s one of very rarely frequented climbing peaks. Norbung Kang Peak Climbing in Dolpo, begins at Juphal and traverses through Upper Dolpo’s most fascinating regions. The trek come across the ancient trading village of the region, Dho and witnesses the authentic culture of Upper Dolpo. The dramatic change of the landscapes on the way to Dho, spellbinds the trekkers, whereas crossing 5000m+ passes like Numala and Baga La before entering the region of Norbung Kang Peak is an enduring effort.”


In today’s blog we have three prime highlights apart from the thrills of expedition that climbers get to experience during the adventurous Norbu Kang Peak Climbing Expedition

Dho Tarap

“Apart from barren landscapes and tough living conditions that still spins around horses, mules and yak, Dolpo is the home to many time forgotten villages nestling at the foothills of Himalayan giants. Here in this post let us talk about Dho Tarap, the highest altitude human settlement which encounters during Upper Dolpo Trek. One of the highest altitude hamlets in the world Do Tarap 4080m is a spectacular village that encounters to the trekkers willing to trek the high altitude regions of Dolpa. Flanking villages Dho and Tarap are collectively known as Dho Tarap.”

Dho Tarap

Numa La Pass 5310m

“From the trading center of Dolpo, Dho Tarap the trail to the top of Numa La Pass is not easy as trekkers gain elevation along the rugged trail, which is electrifying and maddening experiences of equal measures. However, the demanding trek also rewards with the majestic views of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal. In addition, the view of fantastic snowcapped peak Norbung Kang dominates the trail. After the effortful trek, we arrive to the top of Numa La Pass 5310m. The top of Numa La Pass has quite a spacious saddle with prayer flags fluttering with winds. During Lower Dolpo Circuit and Upper Dolpo Trek, the pass is the major highlight as well as the major challenge.”

Numala Pass

Phoksundo Lake

“Phoksondo Lake, the deepest freshwater lake in Nepal, is one of the highest altitude lakes of the world as well. The sources of water to the lake are small streams originated from the Himalayas and hence the lake water is always freezing cold. The interesting part of the lake is that it has no animal life at all. Also the feature of changing its color is a fascinating fact about the Lake. Though the lake is known for its deep aquamarine blue color, it changes its color according to the amount of light falling upon it. Its color changes from deep green, gleaming silver, to its original color bluish gray. Surprisingly, the lake water doesn’t freeze during the winters as per the natives of Dolpo. Also, the views of Numala and Bagala passes which are on the way to Dho Tarap from the lake bank are exceptionally spectacular.”

Phoksundo lake