As we all know that, Dolpo region is the largest region in the country and it lies in western side of Nepal. This region can be said the treasure of old Tibetan culture and tradition along with the precious herbs.  Although it has got so much potential for the development of tourism industry,it has not being developed so far. There are so many destinations in Dolpo region which can create a lot of potential development but due to lack of transportation and services, it creates huge problems. Therefore, many destinations of Dolpo have not being explored yet.

But for those travelers who love to do rough trekking and love the Mother Nature, this region is best for them due to of diverse topography and cultures. There are several old Monasteries in different place where the original texts still exist and this can surely attract any nature lover tourist.

In this region, Norbung Kang Peak (6085m) is also considered as the famous peak of this region. It is situated to the East of eye-catching Phoksundo lake and west of gorgeous Dho Tarap valley. Due to its pure beauty, it has got a lot of potential. To reach there, first of all we should have to take a flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal. From Juphal, we can start our long week trek crossing the ancient trading village of the region i.e. Dho Trap where we can see amazing views and historic cultures. From Dho Tarap, we should have to cross the Numala pass (5143m). After crossing the pass, we reach the place called Danighar. Then we can enter the Norbung Kang base camp walking nearly for three hours. We can only summit the peak Norbung Kang from base camp. There is no any camping place in between base camp and Norbung Kang. So, we have to do direct trek from base camp for about 6 hrs to summit. We even can spend our time in Ringmo village and Bon Tshova Monastery from there where we can experience the culture of Bonpo, the religion prior to Buddhism.

We can even do this trek starting from Juphal to Chhepka so that we can see beautiful Phoksundo Lake. Then, we have to continue our trek crossing Bagala pass (5169m).  Through crossing  Bagala pass, we can reach Yak kharka and Danighar . From Danighar, we can reach Norbung Kang base camp in around 3 hrs as I have already said that.

As we can say that this trek can create unexpected and unimaginable experience of Lower Dolpo Circuit trek. Beautiful landscapes, alpine wilderness, Tibetan culture, magnificent scenic view of Himalayan ranges, extreme challenges of peak climbing all are found in this Norbung Kang Peak trek.