Dolpa is the largest district of Nepal. It is bestowed with so many fascinating things and places, so it may be very important spot for the independent film makers. Director Eric Valli shot his ‘Caravan’ (The Himalayas) which was nominated in Oscar. So anybody who want to make movies of Himalayan natural glories of Dolpa, our package will best choice for you.

The major attractions that you can capture in your camera are:

  • A unique Language (kaike)
  • The pure tidy lake (Phoksundo)
  • Highest waterfall (Phoksundo Falls)
  • Himalayan Viagra (Yar-cha-kun-bhu)
  • Live divine (Dhamies n Jhankries)
  • Culture and tradition (Tibetan culture in Bhot area)
  • A unique Magar culture (Tarali culture)
  • The highest human settlement in the world (Dho, Chharka) a woman with two husband (polyandry)
  • Hottest hot spring of Nepal
  • Endangered species of flora and fauna
  • Silver shining mountains
  • Beautiful Hamlets
  • Tibetan medical system (Amchi)


Buddhism and Bon religion monasteries:

  • Chhyadul Gompa (Chhyadul)
  • Tansa gompa (Gumbatara)
  • Tarchi paldi (Tachin village)
  • Yungdung Syukchal Gompa (pale Village)
  • Phunchokling Gompa (Chharka village)
  • Sypchyok Gompa (Dho village)
  • Samling Gompa (Vijer Village)
  • Namgong Gompa (saldang village)
  • Yangjer Gompa (Komash village)
  • Tha syung Chho Gompa (Rigmi village)

Her Goddess divine Bala-Tripura Sundari(Hindu). Dashain and Deepawali are festival of Hindu religion all the Hindu people go there and pray and worship her divine Goddess.
This is an unique kind of package in our trekking company. In this package we do not have fixed departure but we make on demand of clients. Those who are independent film makers desire to make documentary movies and music videos in Dolpa. We guide them to all parts of Dolpa.

Our Services:

  • Transportation (Mules, Horses, Yaks and Porters etc)
  • Trekking equipments
  • Food stuffs
  • Scripts
  • Local guides
  • Ynudung Gompa (kaigaon villege) and many more…