Peak Climbing Expeditions in Dolpo

Nepal is well known as the mountainous country. There are so many popular peaks in different parts of the country. All these peaks have their own identities and characters.
Dolpo, which lies in the mid western part of Nepal, is also known as the district behind the Himalayas. The famous Dhaulagiri range stands at the backdrop of Dolpo to the south. There are  many peaks within Dolpo, which provide challenging and memorable peak climbing expedition in the region. The district covers 6% land mass of the country but the human settlement is very thin. Due to the remoteness and the vastness of the region several places have remained still unexplored.

When the restricted areas of the district were opened by the Nepal Government in 1989 it has become the most charming destination to the trekkers in Nepal. Some organized trekkers use to visit this region every year and satisfy themselves exploring the virgin natural landmarks and unexploited traditions. In fact the natural beauty of this region is incomparable. Existence of everything seems to be in its natural state. Further the mountain peaks of this region has heavenl untouched till the date.

In these recent years some of the groups have made expedition to the mountains like Putha Hiuchuli, Chureni Himal and Kanjirowa Himal. Out of these peaks Putha Hiuchuli has become famous and some of the groups have proved that skiing is also possible here. Mt. Kanjirowa has the access route right from Phoksundo lake which is also being popular among the expedition groups. Likewise the Chureni Himal is also gradually gaining its popularity. Our exclusive Peak Climbing Expeditions to She Shikhar and Norbu Kang are Dolpo’s one of few least climbed peaks, which cater thrills of the highest degree of peak climbing adventure in Nepal.

Peak Climbing in Dolpo
The very interesting part of this region is that most of these peaks have easy access so trekking can be done up to the expedition base points of the peaks. In other words experiences of both trekking and expedition can be achieved in a same single trip.