Nepal is well known as the mountainous country. There are so many popular peaks in different parts of the country. All these peaks have their own identities and characters.There are so many peaks within Dolpo district that provide glamorous, strange and exclusive looks to the viewers. Though there is easy access to many of these peaks they are still untouched.

In these recent years some of the groups have made expedition of the mountains like Putha Hiuchuli, Chureni Himal and Kanjirowa Himal but there are several peaks that are still remained untouched. Out of these peaks Putha Hiuchuli has become famous and some of the groups have proved that skiing is also possible here. Mt. Kanjirowa has the access route right from Phoksundo lake which is also being popular among the expedition groups, Likewise the Chureni Himal is also gradually gaining its popularity.

The very interesting part of this region is that most of these peaks have easy access so trekking can be done up to the expedition base points of the peaks. So that experiences of both trekking and expedition can be achieved in a single trip.

Peaks of Dolpo

Above 7000m.

  1. Dhaulagiri II7751m.
  2. Dhaulagiri III7715m.
  3. Dhaulagiri IV7661m.
  4. Dhaulagiri V7618m.
  5. Chuureni Himal7286m.
  6. Dhaulagiri VI7268m.
  7. Putha Hiuchuli7246m.
  8. Guraj Himal7193m.

Above 6000m.

  1. Kanjirowa South6883m.
  2. Kanjirowa Himal6612m.
  3. Sita Chuchura6611m.
  4. Konabon Peak6570m.
  5. Lhashama6412m.
  6. Kasi Dalpha6386m.
  7. Palta Thumpa6126m.
  8. Dogari Himal6536m.
  9. Honde Himal6556m.
  10. Tshokarpo Kang6556m.
  11. Tripura Thumba6553m.
  12. Patral6450m.
  13. Kanchauni Lek6444m.
  14. Kang Tokal6294m.
  15. Kanjirowa North6289m.
  16. Kang Nyung Than6248m.
  17. Serku Dolma6227m.
  18. Tongu Himal6197m.
  19. Shey Shikhar6139m.
  20. Phun Phun Chuli6102m.
  21. Norbung Kang6085m.
  22. Sechi La (Dhampus Peak)6012m.
  23. Chokarpo6058m.
  24. Chokarpo6058m.

Below 6000m.

  1. Sechi Lek5981m.
  2. Samjang5924m.
  3. Yaja5900m.
  4. Tagachhyu5790m.

Passes on the Trekking Routes:

  1. Bagala5169m.
  2. Balangra Lagna3760m.
  3. Chanla5631m.
  4. Chyargo La5150m.
  5. Jayanta pass5221m.
  6. Jhyarkoyi pass5490m.
  7. Jungbenla5550m.
  8. Kagmara5115m.
  9. Maure Lagna3894m.
  10. Mola pass5030m.
  11. Nangdala pass5350m.
  12. Niwas la5120m.
  13. Numala5309m.
  14. Nyigma Gyanzen la5563m.
  15. Phagune4061m.
  16. Sela Muckchung5126m.
  17. Yala la5414m.
  18. Yamburla4m.