Permit Fee to Upper Dolpo & Upper Mustang proposed to be lowered by 80%

Traditional Lama dance performed in especial occasions-Dolpo

Dolpo , the isolated tranquil land in the wild west of Nepal nestles in the rain shadow of majestic Dhaulagiri and Churen Himalayan Ranges. The lower Dolpo and the Upper Dolpo are extremely different in terms of culture and nature both. Hence, the Upper Dolpo is the Restricted Trekking Region in Nepal, which asked the heavy permit fee of USD 500 dollars for trekking 10 days in the region.  Similarly, Upper Mustang, the ancient kingdom of Lopas, which catered extremely unique Tibetan culture, history and landscapes is also the restricted region, which demanded the same amount as the Upper Dolpo did for 10 days trek.

Now things have changed and with a clear intention to attract the trekkers to these most beautiful parts of the country, which are absolutely safe, the Government of Nepal has given a thought to cut off the permit fee for ten days by 80%. Now the new permit fee to these restricted regions for 10 days is just USD 100.

Though the decision has not been made yet, the proposal was supported by the major stakeholders of Nepalese Tourism industry including the government sectors. Once the decision is made on the favor of trekkers, we urge every trekker, who is willing to trek to Dolpo and Mustang to grab the opportunity and trek to these fascinating places of Nepal at relatively lower prices.

rocks of upper mustang


We are not encouraging to trek in these regions because of the possibility of lowered permit fees; we are asking you to explore these regions at the foothills of Himalayas because they are genuinely the best places in Nepal, relatively less explored, peaceful and different culturally and naturally.