Rara Lake Trekking Highlights

Only a couple of years back, scarcely a hundred people made treks to Rara. Today, it is a standout amongst the most looked for in the wake of trekking goals in the nation. Its magnificence is supreme, culture is antiquated, and biodiversity is past flexible. While there could be unlimited motivations to visit Rara for your next trek, here is our pick of four best reasons.

On the off chance that the treks gets its name from the Rara Lake, it is, obviously, heading off to our main single out why you ought to initiate this voyage. Rara is the greatest and most profound freshwater lake in Nepal, yet more than that, it is a quintessential embodiment of the excellence of Nepalese Himalayans. When you achieve the lake, you will hear what we’re saying. The perspective on the quiet blue lake and the Himalayans flawlessly thinking about it will make your day and everlastingly be engraved in your minds. To put it plainly, it very well may be portrayed as a gleaming blue gem set in a ring of frigid pinnacles. When you achieve the lake, you can put in a really long time here looking at its magnificence and making the recollections of the lifetime. In the event that you are feeling courageous enough, you can even set up a tent and go through the night at its shores. Notwithstanding, you do need to make cautious arrangements for that previously. If not, you can return indeed toward the beginning of the day to appreciate some last looks at it before you return back.

Rara National Park

Rara national park, the littlest in the nation, was opened in 1976 to ensure the outlandish vegetations and faunas of the district. Covering a region of only 41 square miles, the recreation center crosses two of Nepal’s remotest locale – Mugu and Jumla. It is evaluated that there are more than one thousand greenery assortments in the national park. Likewise, there are 51 recorded types of warm blooded animals, 241 types of feathered creatures, and two types of reptiles among others. That is the reason, in the event that you look out, this trek will be completely a magnificent safari experience. The district is encompassed by snow capped coniferous vegetation and trekking through the thick oak, pine, juniper, and rhododendron timberlands is doubtlessly going to be one major experience.


You may have known about Karnali as Nepal’s least fortunate and remotest area. In any case, did you know, it is additionally the starting point spot of Nepali language and culture? It might be difficult to accept however this district was once home to the prosperous Khas kingdom relatively few centuries back. While everything has nearly tumbled to ruins now, the area and its kin still hold the rich Buddhist and Bon culture. Their customary “Deuda” tune is notwithstanding satisfying to individuals outside the Karnali locale. In this way, the fact of the matter is, it will be unfathomably interesting to see the lifestyle here in Karnali that hasn’t changed in a hundred years.

When you reach here, you will feel like you have been transported to an odd and legendary place that is known for medieval occasions. While the locale’s hard availability has done it more mischief than anything, there is a silver coating to this dim, dim cloud too. The way of life, custom, and way of life here haven’t been debased by the innovation of the present world. In this way, the Rara trek offers you an uncommon look into the root of the Nepalese language, culture, and legacy.

Nepal’s wild west

When we state Nepal’s west, individuals regularly consider just Gandaki zone and the massifs of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. In any case, you may be stunned to realize that these are only the start of Nepal’s west. There are two whole improvement locales – Mid Western and Far Western – that are exceptionally less investigated at this point. The Rara trek will take you to the core of mid-west, a locale directly behind Dhaulagiri Massif. As far as biodiversity, it is most presumably the most flexible district in Nepal. Nature hasn’t been debased by the herds of trekkers pouring in or urbanization. Additionally, it is a standout amongst the most authentic places in the nation and the first spot of the entire establishment of the present Nepali culture. Along these lines, thusly, Rara trek offers you with a sporadic opportunity to investigate Nepal’s real and wild west