In the rain-shadow of Mt. Dhaulagiri, a beautiful ancient town Mustang nestles. After conquering this beautiful piece of land in 7th century, Tibetan kings ruled Mustang for almost 800 years. Arid landscapes stretching right below Himalayan giants, unique culture, exceptional sky death ritual, Mask Festival- Tiji, old palaces and fortresses and their remains and most importantly the exceptional hospitality of the natives are the fascinating highlights of Mustang Region Treks.

The forbidden kingdom Mustang is Nepal’s one of the best-conserved cultural destinations, where the authentic ancient culture of Tibet till date thrives. The people of Mustang, also known as “Lo” are the descendants of Tibetans and hence the true Tibetan culture outside Tibet can be very well seen in Mustang. Explore Dolpo Treks to Mustang Region takes you right into the center of this forbidden kingdom in the Himalayas where, the ancient culture and the mesmerizing landscapes collectively cater the most wonderful holiday to the Himalayas.

Treks to Mustang Region demand the special permits, which cost US Dollars 500 for 10 days and additional of 50 dollars per day if the trekker wishes to spend more time in the restricted region. Some of our Treks to Mustang Region begin at Pokhara that chases the trail along the famous Annapurna Sanctuary and gradually enters to Mustang via Kagbeni. Few of them are more challenging as in these treks Mustang is achieved after long and strenuous trek via Upper Dolpo.

Trekker willing to observe some place outside Tibet that so closely resembles to Tibet culturally and naturally, Mustang is what you are looking for.