• Dho Tarap via Upper Dolpo Circuit

    Durations: 21 | Max Altitude: 5350 | Grade: Easy, Moderate, Soft

    Dolpa is a remote and beautiful district located in the western region of Nepal. It is known for its pristine landscapes, ancient monasteries, and unique cultural heritage. The region has gained popularity as a tourist destination in recent years due to its untouched natural beauty and the hospitality of its local people. One of the…

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  • manaslu-circuit-trek

    Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Durations: 19 Days | Max Altitude: 4998m | Grade: Challenging

      Circumnavigating the fascinating trails that go around Mt. Manaslu is a sheer trekking adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal, having all highlights of a typical trekking holiday in the Himalayas- Manaslu Circuit Trek Manaslu 8,163 m, is the 8th highest mountain in the world that stands centrally isolated in the Himalayas. The trek around…

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  • Inner Dolpo

    Durations: 24 days | Max Altitude: 5350m | Grade: Challenging

      Embark on a transcendent journey through the lush tropical forests, adorned with pine trees, to behold the mesmerizing splendor of Phoksundo Lake and engage with the Bonpo community at Rigmo. Traverse lofty elevations, surpassing 5350 meters, navigating through the remotest regions of Nepal. This expedition, renowned as one of Nepal’s classic mountain treks, unfolds…

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  • Dolpo Bike Tour and Trek

    Grade: Moderate

    Have you ever wondered about exploring the mountains on a bike ride and trekking at the same time?     If your answer is “Yes”, then here we have come with a modified trek which leads you to the remotest part of Nepal. Where mountains and snow leopards rules. Where people and livestock have been two…

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  • Phoksundo Tea House Trek.

    Grade: Easy

    Dolpo is the largest territorial district in Nepal. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and splendid place. The exotic sites and natural sceneries lures people all over the world , thus making it a must visit destination. Dolpo has been captured beautifully on film by the renowned director Eric Valli in his movie…

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  • Upper Dolpo with Dolpo Festival.

    Grade: Challenging

    This trek will take you through the ranges of mountains accompanied by the unique Tibetan Culture of Dolpo people. Beside the secenic ant environment of Dolpo you will get an opportunity to get deep expose with ancient cultures,traditions, and tools and equipmnts used by Dolpo people at Dolpo Festival 2020 which is going to be…

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  • Dolpo Phoksundo Festival 2024

    Grade: Moderate

    This trip is one of the best routes of trekking in Dolpo. You will be trekking through several typical villages and the flat valley like Dho Tarap having enchanting views in the midst of nature. Phoksundo festival is an inititation of shey phoksundo rural municipality. The festival highlights the promotion of mountains, lakes, landscapes, wildlife,…

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  • Inner Dolpo Trekking – (Inner Dolpo Circuit – 25Days)

    Durations: 24 Days | Max Altitude: 5550m | Grade: Strenuouss

    “Trekking along the tropical forests comprising pine trees savor the beauty of Phoksundo Lake and encounter the Bonpos at Ringmo. Traverse through high passes and witness the sacred Shey Gompas before coming across the ancient trading hub Dho- the perfect trek to see the whole of Dolpo, Inner Dolpo Trek” This is one of Nepal’s…

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  • upper mustang trek

    Upper Mustang Trek

    Durations: 16 Days | Max Altitude: 3795m | Grade: Moderate

    Explore the forbidden walled city of Upper Mustang, which is truly a fascinating walking holiday in the lap of majestic Annapurna Upper Mustang, the wonderland choke full with ancient Tibetan culture and astounding Tibetan landscapes flanks Tibetan border to its north. Nestling in the rain shadow of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges, Upper Mustang is Nepal’s…

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  • Snow leopard trek image

    Snow Leopard Trek 25 days

    Durations: 23 Days | Max Altitude: 5350m | Grade: Moderate

    “Trace the footprints of elusive snow leopard in the snow covered trails to Dolpo and imagine to encounter these beautiful creatures in their home- Snow Leopard Trek” How would a person feel if he is told that he is going to join the human settlement surrounded by the virgin nature and wonderful creatures at the…

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