Saldang is a village in the Dolpa District within the Karnali Zone of north-western Nepal. Situated at an altitude of
3,620 meters (11,880 ft) in the Nakhong Valley, it resides in the historic Tibetan region of Dolpo. According to the
1991 Nepal census, Saldang had a population of 1,714 in 386 individual households, and by 2011, the population
had grown to 2,103 people.
In Saldang village, there are numerous trekking destinations, including several significant monasteries and

Gomoche Monastery: Established in the 12th century by the renowned Holy Master of Drikung Kagyu lineage,
Dupthop Singe Yeshe, Gomoche is the oldest monastery in Shey.

Shelri Tsakhang Monastery: Founded around the 18th century by the 1st Shelri Choktul Rinpoche, Shelri Tenzin

Shelri Sumdho Monastery: Founded in the mid-16th century by the esteemed Shelri Tenzin Raewa, this monastery
stands as a sacred and breathtaking site in Shey.

Namgung Monastery: Historically important and considered holy in Dolpo, it is one of the three most significant
descendant monasteries and one of the oldest in Dolpo. Near Namgung Monastery, there’s another monastery
called Nyinchung Monastery, both being special destinations in upper Dolpo, Saldang.

Samye Choeling Monastery: Situated above Saldang village, this renovated Buddhist monastery is pivotal in
restoring ancient Tibetan Buddhism and serving as the main monastery for the people of Saldang.

Dolpo Museum: Established in 2021, the Dolpo Museum aims to promote the historical, artistic, and cultural
treasures of Dolpo to attract tourists. It showcases a wide variety of artifacts, offering insights into the
prehistoric history and culture of the region. The museum, located in the heart of Dolpo Saldang, adds to the
region’s attractions.
To reach Saldang, visitors often traverse Phoksundo Lake and Shey Phoksundo National Park, passing
through Shey Gomba and Namgung Monastery along the way. Hospitality is a hallmark of the area, with many
locals welcoming visitors into their homes with a cup of tea.