Seven safest trekking trails of Dolpo & Western Nepal for Autumn 2015

Largest stupa Boudhanath stands tall during the quake 2015 Largest stupa Boudhanath stands tall during the quake 2015

The negative news that spread like the bushfire after the devastating earthquake of 7.9 moment magnitude that hit Nepal on April 25 2015 once again proves that the poison that destroys the entire system of affected one spreads rapidly than the medicine that heals the pain in the affected part.

Nepal panicked and lost many treasures but it does not imply the entire country has collapsed. The country that has 10 wonderful trekking regions and hundreds exciting trekking trails suffered the loss of two regions having maximum of 10 trekking trails. Except Manaslu and Langtang all the trekking regions of Nepal are unharmed and safe for the walking holidays in Nepal.

We being the expert trek operator of Dolpo and western regions of Nepal assure all the trekkers that Dolpo right now is one of the safest trekking destinations of Nepal. For a trek in Dolpo fly in to Kathmandu Airport, which is absolutely safe and unharmed. Stay in a hotel in Kathmandu. Almost 90% of hotels in Kathmandu have been assessed and proven safe to operate. Then fly to Nepalgunj Airport, which is non-effected airport in Nepal. So does the airport in Juphal. Then trek in the least affected region of Nepal, which is Dolpo and neighboring regions and once gain fly back to Kathmandu before the final departure back home.

It is as simple as it is written. Trekking in Dolpo is not at all an unsafe holiday trekkers plan to do for the upcoming trekking season in Nepal.

Here we have the list of seven best trekking holidays in Dolpo and Western Himalayas of Nepal, please have a look.

1. Dolpo Jomsom Trek with Dhaulagiri Sightseeing

Dolpo Jomsom trek with the sightseeing of Dhaulagiri Range holds strange and different type of importance. The trek leads you through several unique villages of Dolpo to Niwar Peak High Camp all the way to Jomsom via Mo La Pass.

During this offbeat trek in  Nepal, every village the trekkers encounter has their own significance and authentically unique tastes.

The living styles, tradition and culture of every village along the trail somehow differ with one another.


2.Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek

Dolpo to Jomsom ( Via Ghami la pass and Lomanthang) is one of the most adventurous trip that covers upper Dolpo and upper Mustang. Exploring the hidden religious and cultural treasures makes the trip momentous adventure.

Enjoying the scenic beauty of the landscapes along with the glazing faces of the Himalayas in the lap of nature and exploring the authentic evidences of different episodes of super powered human existence en bloc provide the eternal satisfaction.

Dolpo to Mustang Trek can be made before May or after October because during the agriculturing season in the regions nobody is allowed to enter the villages. But the trek in October is still highly recommended.


3.Upper Dolpo Trek

This is one of Nepal’s classic mountain treks. The route is most demanding as we traverse heights in excess of 5300m and some of the most remote territory in Nepal. As we trek through the heart of Dolpo we are presented with a variety of both scenery and people.

From Magar villages with lush green paddy fields surrounded by dense jungles in the south of Dhaulagiri to Bhotia fortress hamlets and gompas (monasteries) amid barren ,windswept hills, this trek shows how much more Nepal has to offer than the popular trails to Annapurna ,Everest and Langtang.

The hills along the way are sparsely populated and the trails through them peaceful and quite. Crossing a series of high passes, the journey takes in Shey Gompa and the exotic villages set amidst the arid, remote highlands of Dolpo, making this a classic trek.


4. Phoksundo Teahouse Trek

The Phoksundo Teahouse Trek is Dolpo’s one and only teahouse trek. This trek is fairly easy as no high passes are involved. The trek starts from Juphal, where the only airstrip in Dolpo is located. The trail passes through wonderful Himalayan forests and picturesque traditional villages.

The rivers and waterfalls on the trail are some of Nepal’s most magnificent. In addition to natural beauty, the trekking area also is rich in wildlife.

One may get to see some endangered species like the snow leopard, musk deer, blue sheep, great Tibetan sheep, Himalayan tahr etc. Within the Shey Phoksundo National Park lies our destination Phoksundo Lake.

Phoksundo Teahouse Trek

5. Photography Trek with Gorakh Bista to Gyaekochen Lake

The photography trek to Gyaekochen Lake with Gorakh Bista, also takes you to the most fascinating highlights of Dolpo that include the culturally rich villages Saldang, Namgung and Shey.

During the latter half of the trek it winds through the wonderful landscapes around Phoksundo Lake, halts for a short breather at the lake and winds up at Juphal.


6. Lower Dolpo Circuit Trek

This trek takes you on a trail that skirts through ancient villages like Dho Tarap, where people still follow centuries old traditions and customs, past forests of pine, oak and juniper inhabited by endangered animals like the Himalayan musk deer, blue sheep and snow leopard .

Throughout the trek, the snowy peaks and mountains mesmerize us with their majestic beauty. We traverse through two high passes, the Baga La(5,070m) and the Numala Pass (5360m), the highest point in this trek, from where we enjoy the panoramic vista of the Dhaulagiri Himal to the south and Tibetan ranges – Kugung La and Khyung La to the north.


7. Jumla Rara & Sinja Valley Trek

Jumla, Rara Lake &  Sinja Valley Trek is truly one of the most fascinating offbeat treks in Nepal.

The isolated settlements of west Nepal, where the authentic culture can be observed at its best, the magnificence of Rara Lake, where nature has gifted the most beautiful delights and the Sinja Valley, where the history of Nepalese culture blend so well with natural beauty are the prime highlights of Jumla, Rara Lake & Sinja Valley Trek. 

Jumla Rara Sinja Valley Trek