Why you should always sign-up for traveling in the places like Dolpo

Dolpo is an unexplored heaven on earth. This unbelievably amazing paradise of a land offers breathtaking amazing landscapes and serene beauty that one would treasure for life. Most unique of culture, hospitable people, and rich in monasteries, Dolpo is not recognized as much compared to other trekking destinations in Nepal.

Nepal is the country of natural beauty. Vast landscapes, beautiful Himalayas and ton of adventure is how people recognize this amazing country in recent times. With tourism industry being one of the major business in Nepal, it might seem like no corner of a land is left unexplored, however, Dolpo is one of such places. There are few tourists and trekkers compared to other popular destinations such as Annapurna Circuit trek and Poonhill trek.

What are the major attractions of Dolpo region?

Located behind the Mt. Dhaulagiri, Dolporegion is one of the difficult trekking routes in the country. You can be sure to experience diverse nature, culture and mesmerizing scenic beauty with every step you take. There are places where you can even find the Tibetian culture in its primitive form.

One of the major talking points of the Dolpo region would have to be the SheyPhoksundolake, which is also the deepest lake of Nepal. Its crystal clear water and turquoise color is something you’ll never get tired of. The lake contains no any aquatic animal what so ever. Another place to visit is the largest national park in the country, SheyPhoksundo National Park, which is home to endangered animals like musk deer, Snow Leopard, and much more.

Mt. Kanjirowa and Mt. Putha will provide you the feeling of being protected by nature throughout your journey. Rich in monasteries, Dolpo region is home to ancient Buddhism culture. Yangjer Monastery, SheyGompa and Crystal mountain along with plenty of others are always fascinating for someone looking to study or know more about Buddhism.

Why should you visit Dolpo?

There is no one particular answer to this question. If you want to do something not ordinary or mainstream, then trekking to Dolpo and Upper Dolpo is definitely a way to go. In Nepal, there are plenty of trekking routes, and most of them will be packed with tourists and local trekkers during the peak season, which means you will be paying more for the hotels and other facilities.

Dolpo, with its unparalleled beauty remains unexplored most of the year. You could even trek to Dolpo in the summer, as it’s located behind the Himalayas, it’s not affected by the rainy season.

Apart from the monetary and climatic reasons, another reason would have to be the peace and quiet. Most people set out for trekking trips in order to spend some quiet time and relax outside of their hectic world. But, with the immense crowd, some trekking routes are filled with the single file queue of tourists heading to the same place, which is the opposite of quiet. Also, places like Dolpo allow you to be in touch with your inner self and just set your mind straight and have an amazing time with the locals, where you’ll be treated like a guest more than a tourist.