Snow Leopard Trek – the thrilling wildlife journey in Dolpo

snow leopard trek

“Chasing the footprints of Snow Leopard in the remotest trails of Upper Dolpo is not only a great wildlife escapade; it also offers plenty of opportunities to sight the nomadic culture of Dolpo & the exceptionally diverse and mesmerizing landscapes of the region – Snow Leopard Trek

‘Dolpa’ geographically the biggest & one of the farthest districts of Nepal nestles in the mid western territory of Nepal. The wide diversity of floral and faunal species in the unexploited nature is the charming highlights of Dolpo. Snow Leopard, world’s rarest and the most elusive mammal enjoys to live in the wilderness of Dolpo, where humans have not yet touched many regions of the district.

The “Snow Leopard” is one of the most spectacular endangered big cats found in this Himalayan region. It is a carnivorous that is on the top of the food chain of Dolpo’s wilds. It survives mostly on weaker animals like blue sheep, jharal, marmot, musk deer, etc. Locals consider this creature to be dangerous and hostile. However, it is very reserved in nature.

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Actually, this beautiful animal prefers to stay in distant from other creatures because it is peace loving by nature. The risk of extinction of this beautiful being is increasing due to the invasion of its locale and diminishing numbers of its prey.

snow leopard trek

One can’t be satisfied unless he or she canvasses the creature that remains on the top of the eco-cycle and is the most beautiful wild creature, “Snow leopard” the Himalayan queen. Ultimately, we have designed a tour package to fulfill such a desire to observe Snow Leopard, its natural actions in its native habitat. This expedition is fully service oriented that aims to provide excellent service to our respected clients and to support the protection program of this endangered beautiful creature by providing knowledge to the concerned people about the importance of conservation.