• I´ve just recently arrived back home from a 25 days trip (10 sept-04 oct) in Upper Dolpo with Explore Dolpo Trekking and Expedition.

    We were 4 friends from Europe and it took 6 nepalis, 4 mules and a horse  to help us achieve our goal.

    They did it in the most professional way and the best of spirits, always ready to help us even under the constant  burden of their heavy loads.

    From the moment we arrived in Kathmandu and were welcomed by  Bhupendra, the corresponding manager,  until the day of our departure, everything was handled efficiently and professionally so I can only reccomend this trip (Upper Dolpo Trek) and this company (Explore Dolpo Trekking and Expedition) to anyone wishing to visit this truly remote part of our planet.

    The region is amazingly beautiful, we already knew that but, for me,  one of the highlights of the trek was the constant  interaction with the locals, our  porters and our  guide, that came as a bonus.

    Chandra, our guide and magnificent cook was an expert in the region and knew a lot of locals along the way and that  made our trip even more enjoyable; he always took the right decisions concerning the “when and where” according to the topography our physical fitness and the changing weather conditions.

    The rest of the team was great, always ready to help, always fun to talk to.

    So I can only thank Bhupendra, Chandra, Bishnu, Dipandra, Chhatra, Danbar and Paban for helping us to have a thoroughly great experience…not to forget the four mules and the horse whose antics made us laugh in several ocations.


    Eduardo J. Castro

    - Upper Dolpo Trek , | 9 Dec, 2019
  • I went with a friend on a trek/expedition to Mukot Himal between October 20 and November 10th . Our team included a climbing guide, a cook, three assistants and a mule guide (five mules). Our itinerary was off the main track and we were fully autonomous for the whole trek .
    This was a fantastic experience, all the staff was so helpful and everything was well planned (including pick at airport…). Explore dolpo arranged t he flights and the jeep (way back) very well, and adapted the program with a one day delay for the second flight. We were also able to discuss in detail with Bhupendra before the trip to optimize our organization, that worked out very well. The guide was excellent, very good climbing expertise which was essential from this peak (his english level was moderate but enough for important stuff), he went on a recognition climb on the glacier the day before the summit, that was very important and secured the success. All other members were so nice, providing great food, always making sure we had enough boiling water to drink, warm water to wash in the morning and setting up the tents quickly as soon as we arrived on a camp site. It was a great pleasure for me to share this experience with them. We went through fantastic valleys completely devoid of any tourism. I highly recommend explore dolpo .



    - Bernard de – Massy , | 4 Dec, 2018
  • James Honey

     · July 18, 2017

    I recently returned from an 18 day trek across the Upper Dolpo region with Explore Dolpo Trekking and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life.

    Right from our arrival in Kathmandu everything was handled professionally and made easy – from picking up permits to getting us a better exchange rate on Nepalese Rupees. Even when unscheduled runway maintenance in Japhal threatened to derail our plans, Bhupendra sorted it out easily by arranging early flights and accomodation.

    Our guide Nima was just amazing. A true professional and one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, not to mention the best chef ever! I’ve never eaten so well! I was expecting noodles and porridge every day but, for example, at Phoksundo lake (3611 meters) he made us a ridiculously good pizza and at 4900 meters – the highest we slept, for breakfast we had a cheese omelette and freshly made chapatis! He took great care of us and just made the whole experience more memorable.

    Our porters were all great guys who were always smiling, even when they were lugging 25 kilos of gear up and over a 5000 meter mountain pass! They looked after us so well -I felt lazy because we didn’t have to do a thing except walk. They were always on top of setting up camp each day while I was trying to recover from the walk!

    I can’t recommend this company highly enough. If you’re planning a trip to the Dolpo region – and you should, it is impossible to describe how beautiful it is – do it through these guys. You won’t be disappointed!

    - James Honey , | 20 Jul, 2017
  • We came back well from Dolpo as expected. We had a great time there! Because of heavy snow falls, we were unable to go through the passes, but otherwise everything went well. Moreover, our guide, Santa Ram, was very very nice and professional. He assembled a great team for the trek. Can you send him a text message to let him know that we arrived well in Kathmandu and that we thank him again? We highly recommend him for other trek expeditions.

    We didn’t have time to come see you again in Bodnath, sorry for that. But we will recommend your trekking company to friends.

    Best wishes,

    - Timothée and Marie Flutre , France | 25 Apr, 2017
  • The magnificent view across the mountains was both beautiful and breathtaking. Be it the snow capped mountains or the unusual rock formation that makes the Mustang region so unique. The trek to Lomanthang was tedious but the scenery, the company of my friends and the dedication of our guides and porters make it a special memoir. It was a memorable trek.


    Lim Eng Seng

    - Upper Mustang , Singapore | 25 Apr, 2017
  • First of all ,thank’s to all, the Trek agency (Explore Dolpo Treks), our guide (Mr.Chandra) and his crew for that very well organized Trekking Tour of 2 weeks. It has been a fantastic time for us, beside the landscape, flora & fauna, we had close contact to friendly local people and got an impression how daily life is going on.There has been no shortcomings : no delays ,very good food and sufficient camping equipment. The guide and the crew have worked and communicated in a particular harmonic way together. Bravo.
    Great time for us. Thanks again….

    - Volker Krempin , Paris / France | 1 Sep, 2016
  • We had a fantastic time. We have just returned from a fantastic 3 week holiday with Explore Dolpo trekking agency. The remote lands of Dolpa welcomed us with fantastic landscape and varied trekking. Our guide spoke the local language, fluent English, was knowledgeable about the area and was always willing to help. The porters were friendly, hard-working and great cooks. I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by the agency. They even helped to find us a helicopter to replace our postponed flight.

    A weakness of the trip was that sometimes the food was very carbohydrate overloaded with potatoes and rice, or potatoes and pastry. It is however, very remote and difficult to make a varied diet. It would have been nice to have had Dal Bhat more than we did. The pasta was sometimes served without sauce, which was a bit dry.

    The toilet tent also needed a skylight, or area in the top of the tent to let light through as it was very dark. I would also recommend you purchasing lighter tents. Really happy with the trek overall and would highly recommend your company to others.

    - Dolpo Trek , United Kingdom | 26 Jul, 2016
  • Our trekking dated from 4th August 2014 to 24th August has been very interesting and almost all has gone well. We want to underline the great professional help given by Aite Bhandari and all the staff: they were very kind with us and they have understood very well our needs. Thank you for your great management.

    Thanks for all.

    Silvia and Claudio


    - Silvia and Claudio , Italy | 26 Jul, 2016
  • Our  Upper Dolpo Upper Musatang 33 Days trek  2014 was very good. Karma, who very well knew the Upper Dolpo area, was always very present, taking care of all the aspects of the trek. Really it was a good time with him. The team of Explore Dolpo is excellent. Everything was swift enough to satisfy was needs, Mustang was agreat place to end the trek.

    Thank you, Alin and Aline

    - Alin and Aline , France | 26 Jul, 2016
  • At first we would like to express great thanks for organizing and performing our 21 days lower/upper dolpo circuit trekking in July – August 2014.

    Beginning with pick up us from airport to departure to airport, were done in a very professional way. The trek itself was great for us.

    We saw an alarming landscape, small Buddhist villages, monasteries and impressive flora and fauna like yak caravan, marmots, blue sheep and many un-recognized birds. We had close contact with friendly local people and could see how their daily live going on.

    We could make all these experience only because of the excellent job of our crew from EXPLORE DOLPO TREKS.Our fluent English speaking guide told us many special things about nature and people of the Dolpo area. Three times meals during trek were surprisingly variable and of well taste.  The cook organized always fresh vegetable and salads plants of the local villages. We had a good and close relationship to all the members of our team.

    All the travellers who like and wish to walk or trek in an area with moderate tourist should visit Dolpo and we recommend to make it with EXPLORE DOLPO TREKS and EXPEDITION.

    Thank you,

    Holger Feist and Franziska Pfaff

    Dr. Holger Feist

    Universität Rostock

    - Dr. Holger Feis , Germany | 26 Jul, 2016