Tihar 2015


One of the most special things about Nepal, is the way Nepalese celebrate festivals. Since, the entire country is in festive mood, celebrating the biggest festivals, we at Explore Dolpo wish all Nepalese a prosperous and delightful Tihar.

Tihar is the second biggest festival of Nepal, that entire country celebrates with huge enthusiasm. Trekking in Nepal or Trekking in Dolpo during Tihar is a wonderful opportunity to observe the sacred and unique rituals of the festival that definitely amazes a westerner or a Non-Nepali traveller.

The festival has five days and the first day celebrates the worshipping of crow as it is considered the primitive time messenger  and the natural cleaner of garbage produced by the households. Hindus offer the delicious cuisines cooked in their houses to the crows on this specific day. The second celebrates with the prayer of Dog as it is the messenger of Yama (the God of Death). The third day worships holy cow and during the evening people light their houses with colourful Mandalas made in their yards to welcome Goddess Laxmi, who has powers to shower wealth and happiness. The fourth day is Govardhan Puja and the evening is celebrated with Mha Puja in Newari community, which refers to praying oneself. The final day is the most important day of Tihar that observes sisters putting colorful set of Tikas on their brothers foreheads.

The festival is not only popular for the rituals it observes since the primitive days. The fun of gambling and friends of a community going for the musical show with traditional dances in their communities are worthwhile to watch.

We once again wish everyone a very Happy Tihar. May Goddess Laxmi shower happiness, prosperity and good health to everyone on the occasion of Tihar 2015.