Nepal is one of the best destinations for the trekking and expeditions. The rainy or summer season is not suitable in most of the trekking routes because of the rain. Nevertheless, Dolpo region towards northwest of Dhaulagiri does not receive rain as this region falls behind the Himalayas. So, Dolpo as well as Mustang are only the rain shadow areas in Nepal. So, trekking can be organized in this area even in summer.

Trekking season starts from the month of May and ends by the end of November in Dolpo and Mustang region. Though, the season starts from May there are some routes for easy treks that can be done before May too. Trekking in these regions are all organized ones. A single person does not get the permit for this region. In the case of Dolpo, most of the trekkers are Europeans, Americans and very few from the Asian countries.


Dolpo is one of the wonderful places on the earth where one can get enough satisfaction of diverse nature, culture and spectacular scenic beauty in each pace of walks. There are many places with different charms. Some places in the upper region are interesting to explore where the ancient Tibetan culture are found in its primitive form.

Some of the attractions are:

  • Phoksundo, the deepest lake of Nepal which is famous for its crystal clear water and turquoise colour. There is no any aquatic creature the lake remains always neat and clean watered.
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park in the country where endangered species like Snow Leopard, musk deer, etc. have been protected.
  • Peak like Mt.Putha where skiing is found feasible and the river Bheri provides a very good excitement for the kayakers.
  • Buddhist’s holy place Crystal mountain and Shey Gompa.
  • Tinje valley.
  • Dho Tarap valley human settlement in the highest elevation.
  • Rara the biggest lake in Nepal
  • Sinjha valley where Nepali language was flourished.
  • Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang where old Tibetan culture is found in its primitive form.
  • Kyakuchin a beautiful lake at an elevation of …………… and the peak ……
  • Dolpo peak
  • Mt. Kanjirowa.
  • Dolpo Bon School (the only Bon School in Dolpo)
  • Tichorong, village where the people speak typical dialect ‘Kaike’ that is not spoken anywhere else.


One of the richest monasteries of Nepal with its ancient text and treasures is ‘Yanajer’ Monastery.

Likewise, Shey Gompa is one of the holiest places for the Buddhist pilgrims, where a grand festival is celebrated in every Dragon Year according to the Tibetan calendar that occurs in every twelve years.

Moreover, there are several other monasteries that deserve the primitive culture and traditions and have the original texts.

On top of that there is the biggest cluster of Bon people in Parle, Rigmo and Pugmo. In other words the biggest cluster of Bon has remained in Dolpo.

One of the holiest places for Hindus ‘Tripura Sundari’ temple is also within an easy walk of three and half hours from the airstrip, Juphal.

Popular Monasteries.

  • Yangjer Monastery, one of the richest monastery in Nepal.
  • Shey Gompa and Crystal mountain one of the holi monasteries of Buddhists.
  • Dedhen Samtenling monastery, the oldest Bon monastery.
  • Ripuba Gompa: where a especial lama use to protect the place from hailstones.
  • Yungdung Sukchelling Gompa (Bharley) old Bon gompa.
  • Thasung Tsoling Bon monastery Phoksundo
  • Sipchok Dho Tarap Dedhen Phuntsokling Bon Monastery
  • Phongdrol Phuntsokling Tsharka Bon Monastery
  • Thongdrol Phuntsokling Monastery