Trek to Khaptad National Park, the paradise unexplored for ages

Another paradise on Wild West Nepal not frequented many travelers; Khaptad National Park represents the mid-west ecosystem of highland Nepal. Named after the holy hermit, Khaptad Baba who spent his life here meditating has the elevation that ranges from 1000m to 3330m.

trek to khaptad national park

The Park comprises diverse woodlands that include coniferous forest, hardwood, scrub and grassland. Natural aspect of the park is highlighted by its incredible floral and faunal species the park harbors. More than 215 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, 565 species of flowering plants of which 4 are endemic and more than 15 species of butterflies have been recorded in the park. Culturally, the important pilgrimage for Hindus, the park incorporates revered shrine dedicated to Shiva at Triveni, the ashram of Khaptad Baba himself and the temple of Khaptad Mai make this place a vibrant holy land for Hindu pilgrims on full moon day of July-August every year.

Our Khaptad Rara Jumla Trek highlights three amazing destinations; Khaptad National Park, Rara National Park and the scattered settlements of nomads, Jumla.

trek to khaptad national park


“The trek is not a difficult in terms of elevation we gain but in terms of services and amenities trekkers get to enjoy throughout the trail, everyday is a challenging endeavor.”

The time forgotten trails come across rare human settlements, which represent the authentic culture of Wild West Nepal, the nature we explore is probably in the rawest form; left untouched since the creator himself made it and the floral and faunal species trekkers get to see is rich enough to keep travelers eyes wide open throughout the trek.

trek to khaptad national park

Nepal’s one of unknown treks, Khaptad, Rara Jumla Trek has everything that a trekker preferring to see the highlights of off the beaten trails. Our trek to these magical lands, where at places nature dominates and at others the nomadic culture prevails are operated on Full Board basis and the guides for these treks are the natives of the places, who know what exactly the travelers want to see here. The best time to visit these amazing landmarks is between Julys to Augusts.