Trekking in Dolpo- few things to consider


Only few destinations on the can equal the incredible beauty and unique culture of Dolpo. Those trekkers who have trodden the trails of Dolpo boast about Dolpo’s wild nature and diverse authentic culture whereas, many novice trekkers prepare to trek along the wild trials of Dolpo that lead to highland Himalayan Region of untouched Wild West.

However, the holidays to trek along the challenging trials of Dolpo is not as simple as enjoying the beach water or traveling around the sophisticated European Cities. It demands a serious commitment. The trekking holiday in Dolpo demands a reasonable health condition, stamina to walk and definitely the high level of patience.

Well preparation and taking a chance to enjoy the trekking holiday in Dolpo rewards with abundant natural and cultural treasures so, the decision of undertaking a walking adventure in Dolpo becomes worthwhile in the very first day of the trek. So novice trekkers with the trekking adventure in their wish-list shall at least give a try to trekking holiday in Dolpo. We guarantee you will begin to fall in love with Nepal and Dolpo and return to this Himalayan Wonderland not twice, not thrice but many times. The trekkers planning to visit to Dolpo for a trekking holiday for the first time, shall know the below mentioned things.


When to go?

The best time to trek to Dolpo is from the beginning of August till the end of October. Temperature is ideal during this time of the year and Dolpo experiences negligible rainfall during the time. During this time of the year, the entire forests throughout the trials of Dolpo bloom at its best with colorful flowers and the clear blue skies present immaculate and matchless Himalayan views.

If you are planning a soft trek in Dolpo, March and April also can be a perfect time but heading high to the elevated passes during March and April may not be a good idea because of the snowy trail through the passes, which can cause serious problems.


Specialty of Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is Nepal’s one of the most underprivileged Regions. Unlike other trekking regions of Nepal, Dolpo lacks teahouses throughout the Upper Regions of the trail. Hence, treks in Dolpo are Fully Organized Treks. We carry tents for the accommodation of the trekkers and the crew. We will have cooks to cook food for everyone in the team. Trained cooks will cook three hearty meals for everyone. The average walking hours in a day, ranges from 5-8 hours depending on the trek grade trekkers are undertaking. Easier the trek lesser the average walking hours everyday.

The most popular treks

If you are planning to see the whole of Dolpo, Lower Dolpo Circuit or Upper Dolpo Circuit can be the best trekking adventures you can go for. If you have limited time and still you want to see the best of Dolpo, we recommend you to go for Luxury Pony Trek in Dolpo. Moreover, those are unable to trek to elevated parts of Dolpo, we suggest you to go for the short Phoksundo Lake Teahouse Trek or Luxury Trek to Phoksundo Lake.

For serious adrenaline junkies and for those who love to walk for a month or more we suggest you to go for the strenuous cultural adventure trek, Upper Dolpo to Upper Mustang Trek.


Before you go?

Make sure you have immune yourself with the vaccines. Vaccinations include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus and Rabies. The most important thing read an article on AMS. Leave rest on us we will handle it professionally to make your trekking in Dolpo a vacation of a lifetime.


Trekking in Dolpo offers the challenge of traversing across high passes. Hence our treks in Dolpo are designed in such a way that every trekker gets properly acclimatized before heading towards elevated regions with a day rest so that we can avoid the seriousness of Altitude Mountain Sickness. We apply the simple rule of trekking “Climb High Sleep Low” throughout the trekking adventure in Dolpo.


What to take?

We recommend you to travel light. However, here are few important things we would advise you to carry with you for the trekking holiday in Dolpo. A strong pair of shoes with firm grip or you can carry an additional grip for your shoes. Carry a couple of flexible shorts or trousers with T Shirts, a pair sun glasses, sun lotion, sun hat, trekking pole, warm socks, a pair of gloves, a warm jacket, a pair of insulated trousers, a head torch and a strong trekking bag.