Trekking in Dolpo – the ultimate adventure for trek lovers

Dho Tarap Dolpo
Dho Tarap – the highest altitude human settlement, Dolpo

Dolpa as the biggest district of Nepal lies in the mid-western region of the country, usually captioned as the Hidden Valley. The mystical land with abundance and scarcity to the extreme is a major attraction for trekkers and explorers who seek for wilderness and fascinating paradise. Trekking in Dolpo is a lifetime opportunity for the walking fanatic as it has so much to offer naturally and culturally.

Phoksundo Lake Dolpo
Phoksundo Lake – the pride of Dolpo

Walking into Dolpo’s remote trails, you will come across Shey Phoksundo National Park, which provides diversity of spectacular landscapes and the most scenic mountain parks in the world. It is home to rare animals species like snow leopard, grey wolf, blue sheep and Goral among others as well as the diverse vegetation including rhododendron, caragana shrubs, juniper, white Himalayan birch in the extended high meadows of Himalayas .The park also preserves many mythical monasteries and religious sites dedicated to Bons, Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus.

Yak Caravan in Dolpo
Yaks, the means of transportation since ancient days in Dolpo

Then comes Phoksundo Lake surrounded by glaciers with the backdrop of Mt. Kanjiroba is famous for its color changing attributes. With no aquatic life the water of the lake remains pure everytime. The lake’s outlet is the country’s highest waterfall. This lake stands out to be the major attraction for visitors and trekkers on their way to exploring the hidden land.

Traversing further across steep mountains and barren hills, trekkers encounter several villages with primitive lifestyles and culture. The sights of yak caravans moving across the elevated passes to the trading zones with their owners are so beautiful watch that every trekker in the region gets amazed with the time-frozen lifestyle that the natives of Dolpo still practice. Standing on DhoTarap, which is the highest altitude people’s residence is yet another out of the world experience.

nomadic lifestyle in Dolpo
Nomadic lifestyle in Dolpo

The trek to Shey Gompa that stands at the foot of Crystal Mountain is the most important Gompa of Dolpo for both the Buddhist and Bon followers. Experiencing the history and beauty of this ancient monument is a wonderful highlight during the Upper Dolpo Trek. This ancient landmark offers much more during Shey Festival.

trekker in Dolpo
Trekker in Dolpo, fascinated by natural and cultural opulence

Besides these fascinating landmarks and attributes of Dolpo, you will get views of beautiful mountains and glaciers alongside your way, some standing right in front of you to make it more challenging. The journey is all about getting in to wilderness of this place to finally experience the beauty hidden inside this challenging land. Luxury has no space during the treks in Dolpo, get out of your comfort zone, tread the wilderness of this hidden land, and experience the taste of this preserved ancient wonderland “DOLPO”.

No space for comfort zone – trekking in Dolpo