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Breakfast at Everest is a one day tour. One of the most luxurious tour, where you will be able to get the closest view of Mt. Everest (8848m /29029 f.t)  and  Ama Dablam   (9812m /22349 ft ) by Helicopter. The tour takes you through the busy city of Kathmandu to crystal-clear Mt. Everest Base Camp (8848m /29029 f.t) within 1hr. The tallest of tallest mountains. This tour will make you feel gratitude towards the mountains and their people.

The tour starts from Tirbbhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will take off from the domestic airport to Lukla. It will take 50 minutes from Kathmandu to Lukla to refuel which will take 10 minutes. After refueling the helicopter you will continue towards Pheriche. The helicopter will drop three of you at Pheriche and continue to Kalapathar with other 2 people where they will have 10 minutes of photo sessions and feel the gratitude of the mountains. After 10 minutes of photo sessions, the chopper will fly back to drop them off and pick up the remaining 2 pax. They will also land in Kalapathar for 10 minutes and return to Pheriche. You might be wondering why 2 shuttles to Kalapathar, well it is because the high altitude and the amount of oxygen is low, the  maximum number of people that a helicopter can carry is 4 including the captain. This is why if you are a group of 4-5 people then 2 shuttles are a must otherwise if you are only of 2-3 group then will directly fly to Kalapathar without landing at Pheriche. 

After finishing 2 shuttles to Pheriche – Kalapathar – Pheriche. All 5 packs will fly to Everest View Hotel (HEV) (3880m) https://hoteleverestview.com for breakfast/ Lunch. You will have 1 and a half hours. You might have been to a very fancy hotels or restaurants before I pretty sure the having breakfast / Lunch with with view of the tallest mountain feels different. Within a 1 and half hours you can wander around, take pictures, or paint.

You will head back to Lukla once you finished wandering around and have your breakfast/ lunch. The helicopter will land at Lukla for refueling after that it will continue to fly to Kathmandu (Domestic Airport). Your Heli Tour officially ends once you land in Kathmandu. 

Majestic Views During the Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

The Tour from Kathmandu where each client will have a clear window view outside the Helicopter and you can enjoy the view of chaos city to the majestic Everest View. The great Himalayas by side and their beauty.

After taking off from Kathmandu within a few minutes you will get an iconic view of Ganesh Himal (7118m ) and Mt. Gauri Sankar (7134m). Within flying 4-5 minutes from Lukla you will get a view, of mountains like Thamserku (6,608 m), Ama Dablam (6,812 m), Island Peak (6,160 m), Pumori (7,161 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Nuptse (7,861 m), Cho Oyu (8,188 m), Everest (8,849 m), Lobuche (6,119 m), etc begin to uncover themselves.

In addition to that the clam mostly Sherpa settlements, greenery will add extra beauty. The hills, the Sherpas themselves, the height, and the glaciers. Things add up a little bit of the essence of beauty.

 The reasons why the helicopter lands at Kalapathar instead of Everest Base Camp

Well, the Everest Base Camp is situated on the glacier of Khumbu and it doesn’t have suitable space for landing, especially during the peak season when submitters set their tents for the summit push. On the other hand, Mt. Everest is not visible as the mountains around overlap the view of Everest and hide the view.

 Meanwhile, Kalapathar offers the most majestic view of Mt. Everest including other peaks. It is high enough that you will see yourself above the clouds enjoying the sunrise. So, Kalapathar is the only option that provides everything.

Private Tour:  Do you prefer privacy? Do feel uncomfortable joining other groups?

If yes, we have always an option to go on a private Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with us. You can hire an entire chopper for yourself at an affordable cost.

Group joining: 

You can join the Breakfast Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with your group  or join one of our groups and fly with travelers from all around the world.

Some facts about Breakfast at Everest.

➢  Getting the closest view of Mt. Everest (8848m /29029 f.t)

➢  Highest Altitude (5,600 meters/18,373 feet)

➢  One day duratioN

➢  Starts at Kathmandu

➢  Ends at Kathmandu

➢  Maximum Pax: 5

➢  Minimum Pax: 1

➢  Departure time 6 – 7 am

➢  4- 5 hours tour

➢  Breakfast at Highest Altitude


S.N Programs
1.   Kathmandu to Lukla
2.   Lukla to Pheriche
3.   Pheriche – Kalapathar(5644m)  – Pheriche

(2 shuttles )

4.   Pheriche to Hotel Everest View (HEV)
5.   HEV to Lukla  
6.   Lukla to KTM


Outline Itinerary

  • Event 1:1. Transfer from Hotel to Airport (TIA)
  • Event 2:2. Check-in at the airport
  • Event 3:3. Fly to Lukla by Helicopter
  • Event 4:4. Fly from Lukla to Pheriche to Kala Pathar
  • Event 5:5. Fly from Pheriche to Hotel Everest View (HEV)
  • Event 6:6. Fly from HEV to Lukla
  • Event 7:7. Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu
  • Event 1: 1. Transfer from Hotel to Airport (TIA)

    Early in the morning our driver and a person from our office will come to pick you up at the hotel that you are staying at, we will suggest you to wear some warm clothes jacket, gloves etc. to keep yourself warm throughout the tour. From your hotel it will take around 25 minutes to reach the airport or the timing may vary from the distance of the hotel where you are staying.

  • Event 2: 2. Check-in at the airport

    Carry your travelling documents with you because you will need for travelling through National Park. After checking in at the airport you will head towards the waiting area. You will have to wait there for a while to know the Weather forecast of Everest. After receiving the signal for Take-off, the airlines officer will call you and head towards the Helipad and board the Helicopter. If the weather Forecast for Everest isn’t good you will have to wait there for a while until the weather is good.

  • Event 3: 3. Fly to Lukla by Helicopter

    After we get the Signal for flight, we will board the Helicopter and then we will fly towards Lukla. Lukla is the gateway to Mount Everest, since there are no road vehicles can not reach there. If you fly from airplane it takes you around 25 minutes to get to Lukla airport but since we are travelling from helicopter it will take us around 50 minutes to get to the Lukla airport. Lukla airport which is also known as Tenzing-Hillary airport is situated at the elevation of 2,846 m. You can take some photos while you are at Lukla airport, while the Helicopter is refueling its fuel for the tour.

  • Event 4: 4. Fly from Lukla to Pheriche to Kala Pathar

    After the refueling is done you will fly from Lukla airport to Pheriche, which is situated at the height of 4,371 m. The flight from Lukla to Pheriche is around 20 minutes. If the Size of the group is more than 3 people than we will have to do double shuttle because of the weight that a helicopter can carry at that level of elevation due to the low level of oxygen. After you reach Pheriche you will be heading towards Kala Pathar in two groups where we will have to double shuttle. While the first group head towards Kala Pathar the other group will stay at Pheriche. The flight time from Pheriche to Kala Pathar will be around 10 minutes and the ground time at Kala Pathar will be around 7 minutes because the engine of the helicopter won’t be turned off because of the low level of oxygen since it takes lots of oxygen to start the engine. The same Helicopter will do the double shuttle back and forth. While you fly to Kala Pathar you will be doing overfly above the Everest basecamp, where you will be able to see the Everest closely and capture great pictures which can be a great memory for you. While returning from Pheriche you will fly closely from Everest where you will get to witness its stunning beauty.

  • Event 5: 5. Fly from Pheriche to Hotel Everest View (HEV)

    After the group is reunited once again at Pheriche, you will start your Flight Towards Hotel Everest view which is also known as HEV in short. The flight time from Pheriche to HEV is around 7 minutes. Hotel Everest View was found by a Japanese person around 50 years ago who was trekking for EBC and loved the spot so he built a hotel from you can see Mount Everest, Mt Ama Dabalam. You can enjoy the magnificent view with your warm breakfast. You will have around 1:30hrs at the hotel where you will enjoy your breakfast and click some beautiful photos after your breakfast is done.

  • Event 6: 6. Fly from HEV to Lukla

    After 1:30hrs of ground time at the hotel you will heading back to Lukla, the flight time from HEV to Lukla is around 7 minutes. You will stop at Lukla for a while for refueling. After the refueling is done you will head back to Kathmandu.

  • Event 7: 7. Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu

    After the refueling is done you will head back to Kathmandu. The Flight time from Lukla to Kathmandu is around 50 minutes. When you reach the domestic area a person from our office will be there to receive you. After receiving you he will drop you off at the Hotel.

    The total duration of this trip is around 4:30hrs to 5:00hrs. While the total Air time will be around 2:45hrs to 3:00hrs and where you will have the ground time of total 1:45hrs to 2:00hrs during the trip.

Price Includes

  • Sagarmatha national Parke fee
  • Pasang Lhamu rural muncipality fee
  • Helicopter fare
  • Breakfast
  • Airport tax fee
  • Airport pickup an drop

Price Excludes

  •  Everything that is not included in Price includes.

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