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Have you ever wondered about exploring the mountains on a bike ride and trekking at the same time?



If your answer is “Yes”, then here we have come with a modified trek which leads you to the remotest part of Nepal. Where mountains and snow leopards rules. Where people and livestock have been two wheels of vehicles. Where the changes are rapidly being influenced. Similarly, with such a short time you will get an opportunity to get the experience of Upper Dolpo and to feel the magnificent Phoksundo Lake. This is the first trek that within such a span of time you will such a great trek.

Dolpo Bike Tour and Trek is a mixture of teahouse trek and camping as well. At some points, you will be camping and at some points, you will be staying teahouse. This trek is specially designed with the aim of providing our clients with the experience of the rawness of Dolpo culture and changing Dolpo at the same time. It also aims for people with a busy schedule to get a wholesome experience of Dolpo in a very short period of time. Dolpo Bike tour and Trek is the first trek in this region with a bike tour.

The adventure is yet to come, this trek also gives you the opportunity to embrace the magnificent Phoksundo Lake and its enchanting view.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:KTM to Juphal by flight and and trek to Dunai (1 hrs)
  • Day 02:Dunai To Lacicap (5/6 hrs)
  • Day 03:Lasicap to Laini Odar (5/6 hrs)
  • Day 04:Laini Odar To Nawarpani (6/7 hrs)
  • Day 05:Nawarpani To Dho- Tarap (5/6 hrs)
  • Day 06:Dho-Tarap – Rest Day
  • Day 07:Dho Tarap To shimen /3 hrs bike ride – back to Tinje half hour ride
  • Day 08:Tinje to Tsarka bhot 3/hrs ride 4320
  • Day 09:Tsarka Bhot to Tarap 4/hrs ride 42080
  • Day 10:Dho Tarap to Numala North BC (5143m)
  • Day 11:Numala North BC to Lumse La BC 5000
  • Day 12:Lumse La BC to Se La Mukchun La 5000
  • Day 13:Se la Mukcun to Shey Gompa 4343
  • Day 14:Se la Mukchung to Shey Gompa
  • Day 15:Shey Gomba to Nangdo la HC crossing Nangdala la pass (5350m)
  • Day 17:Sallaghari to Phoksundo lake 364
  • Day 18:Phoksundo - Rest Day
  • Day 19:Phoksundo to chepka 2720
  • Day 20:Chhepka to Dunai 2140m and drive to Juphal 6/7hrs
  • Day 21:Juphal to Nepalgunj and to KTM by flight
  • Day 01: KTM to Juphal by flight and and trek to Dunai (1 hrs)

    The flight will be of roughly 1 hour form Kathmandu to Juphal. It will be direct flight. Once you landed Juphal airport. You will be heading towards the Dunai which is the headquarter of Dolpa district. The trek will be roughly of 1 hour. You will staying there for a night.

  • Day 02: Dunai To Lacicap (5/6 hrs)

    The next morning after your breakfast you will be heading through the scarcely scattered village on the way. The trail is mainly plain and easy going. You will be having lunch at Palcha Khola. Which is about 3 hours trek from Dunai. After having lunch at Palcha Khola the trail will be a bit uphill. But it not hard as other uphill. About 3 hrs of trek you will reach to Lasicap. Lasicap is the spot where suspension bridges about 200m long which connects the Khani Goan to Kola Goan. Similarly, if you take the right trials without crossing the bridge you will reach to Kakot Goan.

  • Day 03: Lasicap to Laini Odar (5/6 hrs)

    Today the trails is totally up hill. After breakfast you will cross through shady Jungle and head up hill. The trails is quiet tough so be ready. We head north until we arrive to Khanigaon 2950m. Khanigaon is the winter residence of the Dho-Tarap people. We can see the wonderful view of Sandul Gompa across the valley from Khanigaon. The final push on the steep uphill trail finally brings us to Laini Odar, which is a wonderful camping site with a beautiful waterfall nearby.

  • Day 04: Laini Odar To Nawarpani (6/7 hrs)

    Dolpo Bike tour and Trek, trek today begins along the spectacular trail. As we head further from Laini Odar, the trail goes through the deep gorges with scary cliffs above them. After a couple of hours of trek to the north from Laini Odar, the trail begins to become relatively open. A little bit of effort put to make the trail easier can be seen. We now trek on the easy trail paved with wooden planks and flat stones that leads us to Chhyugar 3440m. Chhyugar lies at the bank of a small stream which we cross and begin to trek along its western bank to Pibuke or Nawarpani 3475m.
    The final part of today’s trek, which is a couple of hours long brings us to Toltol 3530m. Toltol is a winter refuge for the yaks of Upper Dolpo people. We will settle down our camps here for the overnight stay.

  • Day 05: Nawarpani To Dho- Tarap (5/6 hrs)

    One of the most interesting days of the trek is about to begin. The trek most of the time runs along the bank of Tarap Khola switching sides frequently. On the first part of the trek, we hike along the northwest bank of Tarap Khola to Ghyamghar. At Ghyamghar, we cross the river and begin to trek along the eastern bank to Shishol. At Shisshol once again we cross the river to its western bank and begin to trek along the lonely valley. At shishol we will meet the newly constructed motor road. The road is wide enough to fit two cars. Dolpopas now come on a bike up this point on china brand motorbike. If you are lucky enough you will meet some bikers and may get a ride and of course, they will charge you randomly.
    As we arrive at Langa, we once again cross the river and follow its eastern bank that climbs to a small arid hill. Dho Tarap is a fascinating settlement that manifests the real attributes of Dolpo. This famous settlement of Dolpo nestles high above a wide valley and was a famous trading point to the traders of Tibet and Mustang in the ancient days. We will settle down our camps at Dho Tarap for the overnight stay.

  • Day 06: Dho-Tarap – Rest Day

    Today you will take a rest day for acclimatization and also to wonder around the Dho village. Which is very famous among Dolpo region. There is a school between the two villages which was founded by a French lady in 1994 AD. It is a nonprofit organization named Action Dolpo. It was the first sparks of education in this region. Currently, there are about 200 students enrolling there.
    Dho Tarap is listed as one of the highest human settlement in the world.Dho-Tarap can be reached within a travel distance of one day from nine different villages of Dolpo. To the east, a trail leads to Charka village and over to Mustang district; to the south, the trail leads to Sahartara and towards Beni via Dhorpatan and another to Dunai and towards Juphal the only flying out point from Dolpo. Likewise, another trail to the west leads to Nepalgunj where the motorable road is under construction. another trail from Dunai leads towards Phoksumdo and over to Jumla district while the other trail leads to SheyGompa, Bijer village, and further west to Mugu district; and to the north, to Bentsang valley and across the Maryum la to Tibet.

  • Day 07: Dho Tarap To shimen /3 hrs bike ride – back to Tinje half hour ride

    On the 7th day, your bike tour will begin. This tour is very exciting and very convenient as well. There will be an experienced local driver for each one of you which very necessary as well. Although you may know how to ride a bike we suggest you ride the bike yourself because the roads are not as stable and smooth as the city area. After breakfast, you will be heading to the north, and soon after you will be heading uphill roads from where you get a very astonishing view of Mt. Kanjjirowa and Gyankochen peak as well. For the first one hours you roads go through the pastureland where the very precious fungus (Yartsagumba) is found.
    After passing the pasture land you will cross the Choila pass which is at the altitude of 5150m. The roads lead downhill as soon as you cross the pass. After that, the roads lead to plain phases.

  • Day 08: Tinje to Tsarka bhot 3/hrs ride 4320

    Next morning after breakfast you will be heading east road. Today the roads are mostly barren and a bit rougher than yesterday’s one. The bike ride would be about 3 hours from Tinje . On the way, you will break and have snacks and so on.
    After about 3 hours of ride, you will reach Charkka Bhot. Charka Bhot is a small village on a lump of soil. Charkka Bhot is mostly like Mustang. It is surrounded by barren land. Among different villages of Dolpo Charkka Bhot people mostly depend on nomadic life. They have more livestock in comparison with other villagers.

  • Day 09: Tsarka Bhot to Tarap 4/hrs ride 42080

    After well spend the day at Charkka. The next morning you will return back to Dho Tarap village crossing the Choila Pass. The ride of about 4/5 hours. In between, you take a break have some snacks as well.
    You will be getting rest the rest days as you have walk the next day. You will clean, get some air, and enjoy the vibe there. You spent the night in Dho Tarap.

  • Day 10: Dho Tarap to Numala North BC (5143m)

    Numala North BC is about 5 hours of trek. The trails today is very plain and you will go along the river side of Kyulang River. If you do this trek between June to July. You, Will, meet nomads on the way. If you wish to spend time with you will get some great pictures and they give pure dairy products if ask them. You don’t hesitate to ask them. People, there are very generous and don’t consider asking for food as rude. Rather they get happy.
    You will be having your lunch at Thangboche where is plan plain area. In the summer season people from different regions gather tents there for collecting the expensive Fungus. After lunch, you will head steady uphill and cross the Kyung La pass. Which is at the altitude of 5143m. You will stay overnight right backside of the pass.

  • Day 11: Numala North BC to Lumse La BC 5000

    Next morning after breakfast you will slowly head towards north through pasturelands. On you may encounter different wild animals including blue sheep and snow leopards etc. Usually, Nomads of Slading village stay. Otherwise, your trek will be accompanied by absolute silent nature, chirping birds, eagles in the say and the clear sky mostly.

  • Day 12: Lumse La BC to Se La Mukchun La 5000

    Day 12 and 11 would be a very similar trek. You go through pasture land and so on. If you trek during the Yastsagumba season then you might encounter different people of different regions. This trek would be of 5/6 hours.

  • Day 13: Se la Mukcun to Shey Gompa 4343

  • Day 14: Se la Mukchung to Shey Gompa

    Today you will reach the famous ancient monastery called Shey Gompa. The palace is very famous for its pilgrimage sites among Dolpopas. Every 12th year there occurs a big Dolpo festival where all the Dolpopas gathered from their respective villages and celebrate together. There they perform different cultural shows, horse competes and arrow competes, and so on.

  • Day 15: Shey Gomba to Nangdo la HC crossing Nangdala la pass (5350m)

    Today we trek to the fabled Shey Gompa and the nearby 'Crystal Mountain', the most sacred peak in Dolpo which Dolpo pilgrims circumambulate each summer before the harvest. We are now entering the real Dolpo, and to enter into this mystical land we have to cross the Kangla/Nangdala pass.

    The trek to the top of Kang La/Nangdala Pass is along the graveled trail uphill for three continuous hours. However, all the efforts put to come up to the top of the pass rewards us with wonderful views.

    The eye feast views from the Kang La Pass include Cyrstal Mountain, the mountains in Tibetan territory, and the mesmerizing landscapes of Dolpo. We also have views of the peaks Shey Shikkar and Kang Chunne, both just over 6000 meters, before descending steeply down to the valley floor and along the river.

    A red chorten marks the entrance to Shey. Every Dragon year according to the Tibetan calendar that comes in every 12 years there occurs a grand festival. People from different places and countries come to join this festival. We camp for the night.

  • Day 17: Sallaghari to Phoksundo lake 364

    Today’s trek is probably one of the best trekking days of Dolpo to Mustang Trek. It climbs along the narrow trail cut on a cliff standing vertically straight above Phoksundo Lake.

    This treacherously fascinating trail brings us to another side of Today’s trek is probably one of the best trekking days of Dolpo to Mustang Trek. It climbs along the narrow trail cut on a cliff standing vertically straight above Phoksundo Lake.

    This treacherously fascinating trail brings us to another side of Phoksundo Lake. This particular part of the trek is like a fantasy walk portrayed by a writer in their fiction novels.

    To get to the Phoksundo Khola camp on another side of the lake, we slide down for ninety minutes along with the beautiful forests. The final part of today’s trek slides up to the beautiful campsite at Sallaghari. Enjoy the night in the camps amongst the beautiful pine forest.

  • Day 18: Phoksundo - Rest Day

    Today we explore the area around the Ringmo and magnificent Phoksundo Lake. First, we explore around Ringmo Village and head to Tshowa (the lake-shore Bon Monastery).

    Exploring this culturally rich Bon Monastery is a fascinating experience. Then we drop down to Phoksundo Lake along steep-sided cliffs. The lake is famous for its magnificent turquoise color and spectacular scenery.

    Ringmo village, a typical Tibetan village, is a scenic view from Phoksundo Lake. There are many monasteries (Gompas )and Bon-po religious sites within the park and we spend our time visiting some of these. We also explore the wonderful natural sites and enjoy our nature tour

  • Day 19: Phoksundo to chepka 2720

    Trekking on the slightly ascending trail we come to the top of the ridge from where we will have a last glance of magnificent lake Phoksundo. Then ascending the winding trail on arid land we come to down Polum. After that, we will trek downhill through the wood and small streams by the sides.

    The trail goes ups and down with similar surroundings to reach Chhepka. Now vegetation gradually looks different now we can find some trees like apples, walnuts, and bamboo bushes. We will make the last camp within Shey Phoksundo National Park at Chhepka.

  • Day 20: Chhepka to Dunai 2140m and drive to Juphal 6/7hrs

    Today, the last walking day in this trip we start our trek towards Juphal from Chhepka. Just after a walk of nearly an hour we come down to a beautiful place called Syangta where there is a hotel too.

    Now the trail provides you very pleasant moments with the different chirps of different kind of birds. Finnaly crossing a bridge at Sulighar (Army barrck) we leave the National Park and head for the night stop at the airport, ‘Juphal’.

    Crossing the river we will get to the broaden straight road that leads Kalagauda through some clusters of human settlement, and Rupghar. From Kalagauda the trail goes winding through the village Dangimwada where you can see some vegetable farming and apple farms. Finally, you reach Juphal to make the last camp in Dolpo and there will be the early morning flight for Nepalgunj by next morning.

  • Day 21: Juphal to Nepalgunj and to KTM by flight

    From Juphal you will fly to Nepalgunj in the morning and will have to spend some time in Nepalgunj. So, you can take a walk around the settlements or can go to the hotel and have a rest. In the afternoon you on the same day you will fly to Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, our representative will pick you up from the airport and takes you to the hotel.

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