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“The offbeat trek in Nepal, that begins from Dunai and traverses through several traditional villages of Dolpo to the windy City of Nepal- Jomsom via enchantingly beautiful Mo La Pass also caters the magnificent glimpses of majestic Dhaulagiri.”

The natural beauty of Dolpo is incomparable to any other places. There are several places in Dolpo to gather different tastes of nature and culture in its best usual states. As we step in Dolpo we can distinctly see the natural and cultural diversity within very close strides. When we walk through the trails we feel the natural existence of the earthly beings and experience the eternal happiness with the virginity of the places and its habitats. When trekking in Dolpo is blended with Jomsom and the natural magnificence of Dhaulagiri, the trek undoubtedly becomes Nepal’s one of the most rewarding trekking trails.

Dolpo Jomsom trek with the sightseeing of Dhaulagiri Range holds strange and different type of importance. The trek leads you through several unique villages of Dolpo to Niwar Peak High Camp all the way to Jomsom via Mo La Pass. During this offbeat trek in  Nepal, every village the trekkers encounter has their own significance and authentically unique tastes. The living styles, tradition and culture of every village along the trail somehow differ with one another.

Though some places are interesting itself they are more fascinated by the views around. There are places that give you the nicest views of mountain ranges that makes the trip more fascinating and worth of trek.

Note: Need good equipment, warm clothes, good trekking boots, Sun glasses, stick, ropes. Good transportation: mules up to Ghaldang Ghuldung then only porters; mules cannot go further.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj/ flight
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Juphal/Dunai
  • Day 03:Dunai to Tarakot/ (2931m)
  • Day 04:Tarakot to Mushikhola
  • Day 05:Mushikhola to Kakkot Gaon
  • Day 06:Kakkot Gaon to Terang village
  • Day 07:Terang to Mukot Gaon.
  • Day 08:Mukot Gaon – Rest day
  • Day 09:Mukot Gaon to Yak Kharka
  • Day 10:Yak kharka to Nulungsumda
  • Day 11:Nulungsumda to Ghaldang Ghuldung Crossing two passes Niwar pass/ (5120m) and Jugbenla pass/ (5880m)
  • Day 12:Ghaldang Ghuldung to Hidden Valley/ (Khola camp)
  • Day 13:Hidden Valley Rest Day can see different mountain like Dhaulagiri, Dhampus, and several small peaks.
  • Day 14:Climb Dhampus peak if interested
  • Day 15:Hidden Valley to Yak Kharka
  • Day 16:Yak Kharka to Marpha
  • Day 17:Marpha to Jomsom (after breakfast)
  • Day 18:Jomsom to Pokhara/ flight and Pokhara to Kathmandu/ flight
  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj/ flight

    There are regular air services from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj that takes nearly one hour. Another alternate is by bus or by private vehicle that takes 12 to 14 hours. Since the flight to Dolpo is possible only in the early morning due to the wind above the passes you have to make a night stop in Nepalgunj.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Juphal/Dunai

    By early morning flight you will reach Juphal the only airstrip within 35 minutes. You can start your trek to Dunai for the lunch. You will have to stay one night where your guide will brief you about the trip.

    Dunai is the head quarter of Dolpo where you can see several things. You can also have a short visit of the town and there are one Buddhist Central Gompa and the very first private boarding school just across the river Bheri. There is only the Bon School of Dolpo and stupa from where you can have the clear views of the small town Dunai and neighbouring villages from there.

  • Day 03: Dunai to Tarakot/ (2931m)

    The trek starts after the breakfast, trail is normally straight that goes along the side of river through some clusters of settlements. Finally the trail leads you to Tarakot having lunch on the way.

  • Day 04: Tarakot to Mushikhola

    Tarakot is a typical village the people have their own culture and traditions. The people speak a local dialect ‘Kaike’, which is spoken only in some clusters of this village and it is not understood by the people from any other villages. Villagers strictly follow their own social norms. You will head towards Mushi Khola for the next stop.

  • Day 05: Mushikhola to Kakkot Gaon

    Your journey remains interesting to congregate the diverse social life styles and the hardness of the people. The trail leads you to Kakkot village for the nigh stop.

    The village Kakkot is one of the virgin villages of this region. Since the route is not been in use by most of the trekkers it is still untouched. The people of this village have their own social norms and values and they follow it strictly.

    You can enjoy the fascinating views of the whole range of renowned Dhaulagiri. You can have the clear views of the peaks of Dhaulagiri from this place. On top of that you can enjoy the gorgeous view of Putha Hiuchuli.

  • Day 06: Kakkot Gaon to Terang village

    Today the trail is good that goes through some up and down. Trail is by the side of river. Few bushes are found on the route but no any trees. The village is not so big and there is a monastery in the village.

  • Day 07: Terang to Mukot Gaon.

    Today the trail goes moderate slightly uphill, in some place the trail is straight. The trail is good enough for mules and horses. One has to take water for the trail as there is no water sources along the trail ti will be nearly 4 to 5 hrs walk.

  • Day 08: Mukot Gaon – Rest day

    This is a nice village, which is one of the hidden valleys of Dolpo. Very few people have seen this village.

  • Day 09: Mukot Gaon to Yak Kharka

    Today you will head towards Yakkharka from Mukot for the night stop. No trees. Can see the mounta Dhaulagiri range.

  • Day 10: Yak kharka to Nulungsumda

    After enjoying the mountains views you will proceed to the Mula pass-5600mtrs. The trek will be bit harder but remains full of excitements. After crossing the pass you will have night stop at a high pass camp at the height of 4987m.

  • Day 11: Nulungsumda to Ghaldang Ghuldung Crossing two passes Niwar pass/ (5120m) and Jugbenla pass/ (5880m)

    The day will be the most exciting and tough of your trek crossing two passes the same day. After a strenuous trek along the passes finally you come to stop for the day at Ghaldang Ghuldung.

    One of the trekking staff goes to Santa to get local trail guide and come back to Ghaldang Ghuldung.

  • Day 12: Ghaldang Ghuldung to Hidden Valley/ (Khola camp)

    The trail goes through barren land, which is on the slop hills. Water is not always possible.

  • Day 13: Hidden Valley Rest Day can see different mountain like Dhaulagiri, Dhampus, and several small peaks.

    Hidden Valley Rest Day can see different mountain like Dhaulagiri, Dhampus, and several small peaks.

  • Day 14: Climb Dhampus peak if interested

    Climb Dhampus peak if interested

  • Day 15: Hidden Valley to Yak Kharka

    Today the trek goes up to the Yak Kharka for the night stop. The trail in the middle of the trek route is bit difficult, so one should be very careful while walking (nearly for 15 to 20 minutes). The trail is made on the slope hill.

  • Day 16: Yak Kharka to Marpha

    Marpha is a famous place for apple and apple brandy. People are very friendly and hard working. There is a monastery from where one can have the views of the village and the Gandaki river valley. Above the monastery is a chorten painted onto the cliff face and a number of small stone chortens on the ledges below. Tourism and mule rearing are the means of survival of the people of this place.

  • Day 17: Marpha to Jomsom (after breakfast)

    From Marpha it's an easy walk towards North along Kali Gandaki river. Jomsom is a town located at an altitude of about 2700 m in Mustang District, Nepal. It spreads over both the banks of the Kali Gandaki River.

  • Day 18: Jomsom to Pokhara/ flight and Pokhara to Kathmandu/ flight

    Today you will have a morning flight from Jomsom to Pokhara and then to Kathmandu same day. Our representative will pick you up from the airport and takes you to the hotel.

  • As I think you know, the trek went very well. Karma is a special treasure of Dolpo. His knowledge was very valuable in learning about the area. Bishnu was a very good cook, and I had plenty to eat. All the crew were focused on doing their job as best as possible.

    Everyone seemed to get along very well, and made a good team. Most of the trek, we had good weather when we needed it, only the last couple of days were a disappointment as the skies were cloudy and we couldn’t get the good views into Upper Mustang. Overall, I got exactly what I wanted when I hoped to organize this trek for just myself.

    Leonard Sanford Glassner

    - Dhaulagiri Sight seeing Dhampus Leonard Sanford Glassner, | 26 Jul, 2016

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