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This trek includes several beautiful sightseeing along with a vast diversity of nature culture. The trek is easy one, you don’t have to cross high passes. There are some alternatives for the trek because you can make the trek shorter by driving to Rara the largest lake from Jumla.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu (1400m) to Nepalgunj(150m) flight
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m) flight and Juphal to Tripurakot (2100m)/ 3-4 hrs trek
  • Day 03:Tripurakot to Balangchur (3850m)
  • Day 04:Balangchur to Kai Gaon (2610m)
  • Day 05:Kai Gaon to Nauligoth (3670m)
  • Day 06:Nauligoth to Chotra (3380m)/ 5-6 hours
  • Day 07:Chotra to Gothichaur (2650m)
  • Day 08:Gothichaur to Jumla (2540m)
  • Day 09:Jumla to Rara (2980m)/ 7 hours drive Or Jumla to Khali Gaon (3685m)/ 6 hours trek
  • Day 10:Khali Gaon to Bulbule 3182m), 6-7 hours trek
  • Day 11:Bulbule to Jhyari
  • Day 12:Jhyari to Rara 4-5 hours trek
  • Day 13:Explore Rara Lake
  • Day 14:Rara to Talcha/ 4-5 hours trek
  • Day 15:Talcha to Nepalgunj flight/ 45 minutes and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu/ 55 minutes
  • Day 01: Kathmandu (1400m) to Nepalgunj(150m) flight

    It takes 55 minutes by plane from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Since the flight for Dolpa will be only in early morning you will have to stay in a hotel at Nepalgunj. The hotel is 10 to 15 min drive from the air port.


    The travel can be done by bus or small vehicles that take 12 to 14 hours from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. If we take the night bus then we reach Nepalgunj by the day but cannot get the plane for Dolpo so will have to stay in hotel for a night.

  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m) flight and Juphal to Tripurakot (2100m)/ 3-4 hrs trek

    It takes nearly 45 minutes to fly from Nepalgunj in small plane. Then 3-4 hours trek to Tripurakot. The trek starts with the descending trail for nearly 45 mins. Then the trail goes straight through some clusters of human settlement along the Bheri river side.

    The people are mostly Chhetris, Brhamins and Khas are found in the settlements. Crossing a metal suspension bridge there will be the night stop at Tripurakot one of the well known pilgrimage of Hindus. The temple holds interesting legendary facts about the Tripura Sundari especial diety of Hindus.

  • Day 03: Tripurakot to Balangchur (3850m)

    From Tripurakot the trek starts and stops for the lunch at Liku village after a walk of nearly 3 hrs. After that the trail goes through different villages and reaches the place Ghodakhor. From Ghodakhor, the trail ascends and reaches Balangchur 3850m for the night stop.

  • Day 04: Balangchur to Kai Gaon (2610m)

    The trail from Balangchur starts with uphill upto the pass Balangra, then passing through Balangra Lagna Pass 3760m the trail descends through thick forest of Silver Birch and pines covered with hanging mosses. The journey will remain very pleasant all along the winding downhill trail through the forest and reaches Kai gaon.

  • Day 05: Kai Gaon to Nauligoth (3670m)

    The trek starts with inclined trail passing through Majhgaon and after a walk of 4 hours stops for the lunch at Chaurikot 3060m. From Chaurikot walking uphill towards it takes nearly 3 hrs. to reach Nauligoth.

  • Day 06: Nauligoth to Chotra (3380m)/ 5-6 hours

    The trail from NauliGhot ascends towards the pass MaureLagna pass 3894m and then the trail goes descending to Chotra for the night stop. The trail goes mostly through the forest with mixed species of plants. One can have nice scenic views around from the trail.

  • Day 07: Chotra to Gothichaur (2650m)

    The way from Chotra to Gothichaur goes through several villages. One can experience the different culture mostly of the Khas people around. There are small woods along the road.
    3 hours trek to Manigaon 2820m stops for lunch and 3 hours trek to Gothichaur for the night stay.

  • Day 08: Gothichaur to Jumla (2540m)

    The trek begins from Gothichaur to Jumla. There are several villages and the motor able road is under construction.

  • Day 09: Jumla to Rara (2980m)/ 7 hours drive Or Jumla to Khali Gaon (3685m)/ 6 hours trek

    Now you will start your trekking from Jumla taking the trail through some villages. The trail goes somehow straight and it will be easy walking experiencing the social life style of the region.

    Nearly after the walk of 3 hours the trail slightly ascends. After the walk of nearly 4 hours passing a small pass Danphe Nangla (3691 mtrs) you will reach the village Khaligaon. This is the village where the only technical school of the western region “Karnali Technical School” is producing technical man power in regular basis. The village is interesting to observe the activities carried out there. There are some hotels and tea houses to refresh.

  • Day 10: Khali Gaon to Bulbule 3182m), 6-7 hours trek

    The trail ascends through jungle of pine and rhododendron trees and some villages are seen from the trail.

  • Day 11: Bulbule to Jhyari

    The trail ascends and passing GhurchiLagna Pass (3480m) reaches to Jhyari.

  • Day 12: Jhyari to Rara 4-5 hours trek

    The trail reaches to Rara. The trail goes through beautiful field. This trail provides fantastic sightseeing of the place.

  • Day 13: Explore Rara Lake

    Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal that gives relief with its magnificent look. The lake is surrounded by forest and different kinds of flowers can be seen by the side. People can cycle around the lake. Boating facilities are also available. There is a hotel by the side but camping is also available.

  • Day 14: Rara to Talcha/ 4-5 hours trek

    From the lake the trail goes through jungle by the side of the lake through Army barrack and National Park office. After a walk of nearly one and half hour the trail ascends and then it goes downwards for nearly one or one and half hour to reach you to the airport.

  • Day 15: Talcha to Nepalgunj flight/ 45 minutes and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu/ 55 minutes

    Talcha to Nepalgunj 45 minutes flight and 55 minutes flight from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

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