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Introducing Helicopter & Pony Trek in Dolpo: Redefining Adventure in Nepal Embark on a unique and exhilarating journey with Helicopter & Pony Trek, the latest innovation in trekking experiences in Nepal. This new program aims to revolutionize the traditional trekking landscape by offering a blend of convenience, adventure, and unparalleled experiences. Among the myriad destinations in Nepal, Dolpo stands out as a gem, attracting adventurers with its pristine beauty and cultural richness. Dolpo’s allure lies in its breathtaking landscapes, highlighted by the azure waters of Shey Phoksundo, Nepal’s deepest lake, and the ancient monasteries steeped in Buddhist heritage. However, the remote location and lengthy duration of traditional treks have deterred many enthusiasts from exploring this hidden paradise. To address this challenge and cater to thrill-seekers who crave adventure but are constrained by time, Helicopter & Pony Trek presents a novel solution. By combining helicopter rides and pony treks, we offer a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Dolpo in a condensed timeframe without compromising on the essence of the journey. Join us on this extraordinary expedition as we unlock the treasures of Dolpo, providing a seamless blend of comfort, excitement, and cultural immersion. Discover the untamed beauty of Dolpo like never before with Helicopter & Pony Trek – where every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1:Arrival in Kathmandu & transfer to the Hotel (if early morning arrival, make a sightseeing within the Kathmandu valley)1350m
  • Day 2:Fly from Kathmandu to Phoksundo via Dunai (Helicopter) Explore the Bonpo Gompa and Shey Phoksundo Lakeside after right after Lunch 3641m 2hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 3:Hike to the Bankal (Experience the hidden view of Mount Kanjirowa, Kang Teka, Waterfall, Rike village, Saijol valley and part of Shey Phoksundo Lake 3641m
  • Day 4:Pony ride & hike to Sallaghari (Lakey Dunga) 3750m 4/5hrs
  • Day 5:Pony ride & hike to Nagdalo High Camp 4500m 4/5hrs
  • Day 6:Pony ride & hike to Shey Gompa 4343m 5hrs
  • Day 7:Rest / Hike to the Crystal Mountain & via Tsankang Gompa
  • Day 8:Pony ride & hike to Namgung Gompa 4360m 4/5hrs
  • Day 9:Pony ride & hike to Saldang 4100m 3/4hrs
  • Day 10:Pony ride & hike to Komagaon 4200m 4/5 hrs
  • Day 11:Pony ride & hike Shimen 3870m 4/5hrs
  • Day 12:Pony ride & hike to Tinje 4110m 5/6hrs
  • Day 13:Pony ride & hike to Yak Kharka 4480m 5/6hrs
  • Day 14:Pony ride & hike to Dho Tarap 3945m 5/6hrs
  • Day 15:Rest / Exploration Day 3945m
  • Day 16:Fly out from Dho Tarap to Kathmandu via Dunai (without grounding time) 1350m 3/4hrs
  • Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu & transfer to the Hotel (if early morning arrival, make a sightseeing within the Kathmandu valley)1350m

    On your arrival in Kathmandu, our representative will be waiting for you at the waiting hall of arrival. He / She will be holding the name of our company with the name of you or your group.

    He will help you to transfer to the hotel. Feel free to share your flight experience with him or her. During the check in at the hotel, our representative will help you there for the smooth operation.

    If you have time, you can do the self exploration within the Kathmandu valley if you have time and arrive early morning in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2: Fly from Kathmandu to Phoksundo via Dunai (Helicopter) Explore the Bonpo Gompa and Shey Phoksundo Lakeside after right after Lunch 3641m 2hrs & 30 mins

    Phoksundo lake is also famous for the Helicopter ride. The Phoksundo Lake Helicopter tour leads you to the beautiful far western side of Nepal. .The Helicopter tour takes you through the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu to clear blue lake Phoksundo (3641m) within 2hr and 30 minutes.The deepest lake and the most clean and having different colors lake of Nepal. This tour will make your day gratitude towards the mountains, lake and their people. You will take off at Dunai, Dolpa. It will take 1hrs / 30 minutes from Kathmandu to Dunai to refuel which will take 20 minutes. After refueling the helicopter you will continue towards Phoksundo lake. The helicopter will drop you at Phoksundo lake (Ringmo Village). When you drop up from Helicopter at Phoksundo Lake you have lunch and after lunch will explore the Bonpo Gompa (Thashung Choeling Monastery) and Phoksundo Lakeside.

  • Day 3: Hike to the Bankal (Experience the hidden view of Mount Kanjirowa, Kang Teka, Waterfall, Rike village, Saijol valley and part of Shey Phoksundo Lake 3641m

    In the second day, we have breakfast at Hotel, and will hike to Bankal and experience the hidden view of Mount Kanjirowa, Kang Teka, Phoksundo Waterfall, Rike village, Saijol valley and part of Shey Phoksundo Lake. We will back to immerse in the village to understand the living hood better and way of living there. We will carry on our journey by hiking and riding horse.

  • Day 4: Pony ride & hike to Sallaghari (Lakey Dunga) 3750m 4/5hrs

    Today’s trek is probably one of the best trekking days of the Dolpo. It climbs along the narrow trail cut on a cliff standing vertically straight above Phoksundo Lake.
    This treacherously fascinating trail brings us to another side of Phoksundo Lake. We will pony ride during climbing up and the straightway if we are feeling difficult to walk. To get to the Phoksundo Khola camp on the other side of the lake, we slide down for ninety minutes along the beautiful forests. The final part of today’s trek slides up to the beautiful campsite at Sallaghari. Enjoy the night in the camps amongst the beautiful pine forest.

  • Day 5: Pony ride & hike to Nagdalo High Camp 4500m 4/5hrs

    Today’s pony ride and hike is relatively short; we trek for almost three / four hours to reach Kangla/Nangdala High Camp 4100m. As the trek begins we ascend up the narrow defile of Tuk Kyaksa River. The trail switches to the opposite side of the river several times. Soon we arrive to a place where the rapids of the river are calmer. We cross the bridge over the river at that point.
    After thirty minutes of walking after the bridge, we come across the wide valley followed by two hours of walking along the canyon brings us to the potential campsite. In most of the trials are good for pony ride but in some places we must have to hike where pony ride is not possible. A walk for a while further reaches to the massive rock slab, which is Kang La/Nangdala Base Camp- our campsite for the night.

  • Day 6: Pony ride & hike to Shey Gompa 4343m 5hrs

    Today we pony ride and hike to the Shey Gompa and the nearby 'Crystal Mountain', the most sacred peak in Dolpo which Dolpo pilgrims circumambulate each summer before the harvest. We are now entering the real Dolpo, and to enter into this mystical land we have to cross the Kangla/Nangdala pass.
    The trek to the top of Kang La/Nangdala Pass is along the graveled trail uphill for three continuous hours. However, all the efforts put to come up to the top of the pass reward us with wonderful views.
    The eye-feast views from the Kang La Pass include Cyrstal Mountain, the mountains in Tibetan territory, and the mesmerizing landscapes of Dolpo. We also have views of the peaks Shey Shikkar and Kang Chunne, both just over 6000 meters, before descending steeply down to the valley floor and along the river.
    A red chorten marks the entrance to Shey. We will reach shey Gompa and we camp for the night.

  • Day 7: Rest / Hike to the Crystal Mountain & via Tsankang Gompa

    Wake up tea at 7:00 AM and freshen up by 7:30 and be ready for the hearty breakfast. Right after breakfast, time to prepare yourself for morning hike towards the Tsankang Gompa. Make sure you have essential supplies for the short hike such as sun glass, sun cream, trekking pole, sufficient purified drinking water etc. Tsankang Gompa is located at the rocky hill cliff. It is consider as one of the major monastery in the region. Which contribute significant value to the local people of the Dolpo region. You will have wonderful experience while hiking towards the monastery. The trail follow gradual uphill and bit of gradual downhill. Consider it as easy day. As it offer the amazing picturesque view of Shey Gompa side and you will witness the trail followed to the Bijer village. Reach Tsankang monastery, take a time to explore the monastery. Once you are there, make sure try to enjoy the view of Crystal mountain and capture the moment with your camera and your natural camera. After a while, you will hike backed to the camp in same trail you went up to the monastery. Return back to the camp for the hearty lunch. After lunch it’s free time, you can do wash your undergarments. If you feel like hiking somewhere, make sure consult with your guide and be in his vision for your safety reason. Be at camp at tea time confirm by the guide for the evening. Overnight at Shey Gompa. Make sure you sleep well and relax for the next day.

  • Day 8: Pony ride & hike to Namgung Gompa 4360m 4/5hrs

    Right after breakfast, time to prepare yourself for the day pony ride and hike. Kindly suggest you to prepare your day bag with sun cream, enough purified drinking water, trekking poll, sun glass, and if you prefer than your chocolates bars. Start the hike at 7:00. Today you will start hiking through gradual uphill and after 1hour and 30 minutes, you will slightly gain elevations, the trail leads you towards the Sela Pass and once you are at the best camp, the steep uphill for an hour. Reach to the top of Sela Pass, do take enough time to celebrate and enjoy the widest range of view from there. It will definitely offer different prospective of Upper Dolpo. The remoteness will really make you feel the gap of being in civilization but still it will make you happier that you made a decision to be there. All the different shapes limes rocky mountain you will spot from the top are the boarder to the Nepal -Tibet (China). Sometime later, you will decent down towards the Namgung, the valley will turn into narrow again. The trail will be slightly steep downhill and there will be small glacier river you have to cross without the bridge. Don’t be scare of that, it’s tinny one you can jump and cross it easily. After a while your guide will find the suitable sport for picnic packed lunch. Eat the packed lunch there. After the lunch, resume your trek towards Namgung. When you see some stupa that’s the place you will be camping. Cross the Namga Khola and reach to the camp, you will serve mix soup. Time for you to settle down your belongings in the tent. Relax while and let your leg to energies for the afternoon tour to the Namgung Monastery. It’s 7-10 minutes hike from your camp. Explore the monastery and its surrounding, you may spot some blue sheep nearby the monastery. You may amazed with the houses there but it’s not a village, those house belongings to the people who are taking care of the monastery. Return to the camp. Free time and you can rest until the tea time. Have dinner and overnight at Namgung. Make sure you have a good sleep after a wonderful day.

  • Day 9: Pony ride & hike to Saldang 4100m 3/4hrs

    Before setting out towards Saldang, we explore the monastery of Namgung set on the flanking cliff. As the trek from Namgung Gompa begins we follow Namga Khola cross pass more summer herding spots and emerge out of spur for a short hike down to Saldang. Saldang is a beautiful village with lots of dry land surrounded hills. Amchi tradition and Buddhism in Dolpo thrives here at Saldang. We'll get a chance to visit some local houses, drink some salt butter tea or chhyang (Tibetan barley beer) and sample the local fare at Saldang.

  • Day 10: Pony ride & hike to Komagaon 4200m 4/5 hrs

    Today we pony ride and hike for six hours and reach the village of Komagaon. Initially, the trail follows the Saldang Lek along the Rapyha Khola to the barren hillside. Exiting out to the elevated ridge of almost 4500m and while climbing koma la will pony ride, the trail descends down steeply to Koma Village by hiking and a village which bears similarity to a Tibetan village. Overnight in tents at Komagaon

  • Day 11: Pony ride & hike Shimen 3870m 4/5hrs

    As we trek from Kamas village we may sight some endangered animals like snow leopard or Blue sheep. On the way we pass small villages. The landscapes in the vicinity is full of highland deserts with few shrub like vegetation. After almost five hours of comfortable hike and pony ride we arrive to Shimen. Overnight in the tented camps at Shimen.

  • Day 12: Pony ride & hike to Tinje 4110m 5/6hrs

    Today the trail goes by the side of Panjyang Khola. There are Phal village and Phu gompa on the way to Tinje. Tinje is a very beautiful valley. There is a natural air strip where once a British aircraft had landed and taken off.

  • Day 13: Pony ride & hike to Yak Kharka 4480m 5/6hrs

    From the village of Tinje we hike and pony ride to Yak Kharka. Initially the trail to Yak Kharka chases the trail beside Panjyan River to the small settlement of Chhamdang. Beyond Chhamdang the trek along the river bank continues to the confluence of Chholtam Khola and Panjyan Khola. Trekking further we cross the bridge over Thalum Khola, which flows from Thalum Lek and arrive at Yak Kharka. Yak Kharka is an open grazing ground for yaks and sheep. This trial is also good for horse riding fast but lots of motor bike travel up and down a lot. The grassy meadow of Yak Kharka makes for an excellent camping site.

  • Day 14: Pony ride & hike to Dho Tarap 3945m 5/6hrs

    As the pony ride and hikes begins today, we cross the bridge over Sulun Khola. Crossing the bridges over several streams the trek arrives to Choila North Pass 5040m. The trail to Choila North BC is an tarduous and difficult trek. Almost two hours steep climb or ride on horse brings us to the top of Choila Pass from where the fascinating sights of Mt. Dhaulagiri ranges and Tokyu camps are seen. A downhill and leveled trail beside Choila Khola brings us to Tokyu. From Tokyu, we hike or pony ride by one an half hour we will easily reach Dho, Tarap, where we settle our camps for the overnight stay.

  • Day 15: Rest / Exploration Day 3945m

    We spend the day at Dho Tarap. Dho Tarap is a large village decorated by colourful prayer flags.
    There are chortens, mani wall

  • Day 16: Fly out from Dho Tarap to Kathmandu via Dunai (without grounding time) 1350m 3/4hrs

    Helicopter will receive you back to Kathmandu from Phoksundo via Dunai. You will have breakfast in the Dho village and will fly from Dho, Tarap to Kathmandu via Dunai.

Price Includes

  1. All the service during the trek.
  2. Crew member: Assistance trekking guide, Cook, kitchen staff, mules driver & their insurance.
  3. Trekking equipment: Member Tent, Kitchen Tent, Dinning Tent, Toilet Tent, Chairs, Table, Cooking utensils etc.
  4. Food: Three times meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner with types of different items.
  5. Drink: Choice of tea and coffee.
  6. Airway: Private Helicopter Drop and Pick up
  7. Permit: Lower & Upper Dolpo permit, Shey Phoksundo National Park Entry Permit

Price Excludes

  1. Nepal entry visa
  2. Travel and rescue insurance
  3. International flight
  4. Hotel in Kathmandu & Nepalgunj
  5. All the personal expenses such as bar bill, laundry bill, use of the internet, charging of batteries, hot shower, phone calls etc.
  6. Tips for the supporting crew members.
  7. What is not included is excluded.

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