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“Treading the trail of Lower Dolpo, where the yarsagompo regarded ants by the native guides are scattered in every corner all the way through the Guerrilla trails of then Maoist warriors to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is probably Nepal’s least frequented trekking trail.”

Dolpo Yarsagompo trek on the Guerrilla Trail begins from popular mid-western town in Nepal, Dunai. The few days of the trek winds through the trail full of Yarsagompo- the high value medicinal herb. During this part of the trek trekkers can observe the suitable habitat of this valued species and if the luck favors, they can witness the harvesting done by the natives of Dolpo. As the trek goes further, the trail leaves the region of Yarsagompo and enters extreme wilderness, which favored the Maoist warriors to escape and take the safe shelter during the decade long insurgency in Nepal.

Treading through the beautifully nestled mountainous hamlets dominated by the Magar tribes, where the authentic Magar culture over spills, the trek arrives at Dhorpatan- the region known for only hunting reserve in Nepal. Having a day rest to hunt or to explore around Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, the trek finally exits out to the urbanity in Beni via popular stopovers of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek and beautifully located Jaljala Pass.

This trek with us is based on camping to assure proper accommodation and food throughout. The offbeat trek in Nepal primarily highlights Yarsagompo trail, the defamed Guerrilla Trail and the part of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trail.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day: 01:Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Day: 02:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj/ flight
  • Day: 03:Nepalgunj to Dunai/ flight and Dunai to Kalapani/ 6 hrs trek
  • Day: 04:Kalapani to Ghorang(4100m)/ 6-6.5 hrs trek
  • Day: 05:Ghorang to Phupal Daha/ 6-6.5 hrs trek
  • Day: 06:Phupal Daha to Dule/ 7 hrs trek
  • Day: 07:Dule to Tatopani (2360m)/ 4 hrs trek
  • Day: 08:Rest day at Tatopani
  • Day: 09:Tatopani to Kayam (3000m)/ 5 hrs trek
  • Day: 10:Kayam to Thakur (3175m)/ 6-7 hrs trek
  • Day: 11:Thakur to Phalgune Pass (3915m)/ 7 hrs trek
  • Day: 12:Phalgune Pass to Dhorpatan (2870m)/ 7 hrs trek
  • Day: 13:Rest day at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • Day: 14:Dhorpatan to Bhaisikharka/ 4 hrs trek
  • Day: 15:Bhaisikharka to Moreni (2275m)/ 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day: 16:Moreni to Takam (1675m)/ 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day: 17:Takam to Darbang (1070m)/ 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day: 18:Darbang to Beni (830m)/ 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day: 19:Beni to Pokhara/ Drive
  • Day: 20:Pokhara to Kathmandu/ Drive
  • Day: 21:Depart Kathmandu
  • Day: 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

    As you fly into Kathmandu, the views of snow-capped mountain peaks greet you. A representative and driver from our office will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. The representative will help you check into your designated hotel. At the hotel you will be briefed about your daily activities.

  • Day: 02: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj/ flight

    From Kathmandu we take a bus or fly on any domestic carrier to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj , a town in the western Terai , is very close to the Indian border and the Bardia Nationl Park. It is a major transport hub for western, mid-western and far-western regions of Nepal. Overnight at hotel or lodge.

  • Day: 03: Nepalgunj to Dunai/ flight and Dunai to Kalapani/ 6 hrs trek

    As the Dolpo Yarsagompo trek on Guerrilla trail begins, we hike on a leveled trail for a while that emerges to a powerhouse and then to a small village, Kaldhara. Throughout the trail to Kaldhara we get to the great faunal biodiversity. Kaldhara is a small village with 15-20 houses and few terraced farmlands. Beyond Kaldhara, the trek winds along the uphill trail for almost one and half-hour to Kamkot Danda. From Kamkot Danda, we see the beautiful view of Dunai Valley. Kamkot Danda has few farmlands, cattle herds and a small Temple. After a short breather at Kamkot Danda we continue the trek that traverses on a flat trail for almost two hour to reach to Kalapani. The trail to Kalapani penetrates the dense woodlands that comprise diverse species of Pheasant including Danphe. We will set our camps in the ideal location at Kalapani for the overnight stay.

  • Day: 04: Kalapani to Ghorang(4100m)/ 6-6.5 hrs trek

    Beginning the trek today with the uphill climb through the dense forest, we emerge to a open space at Lungkhor for lunch. The strenuous walk of the day from Kalapani to Lungkhor longs for three and half hours. We get to see the high value crop yarsagompo at Lungkhor. After the lunch at Lungkhor, we begin to trek along the trail with open fields where yarsagompo can be seen throughout. Gradually, Dolpo Yarsagompo Trek begins to gain altitude to the top of Jong La Pass. From the top of Jong La Pass the trail to Ghorang descends down gradually. Ghorang is an open field full with yarsagompo emerging everywhere. We will settle down our camps at an ideal location in Ghorang.

  • Day: 05: Ghorang to Phupal Daha/ 6-6.5 hrs trek

    The trek today is full of interesting experiences. The trek winds along the leveled trail having open and barren landscapes for the first thirty minutes. Then the gradual uphill climb for the next minutes or so brings us to appoint from where the trail slides down continuously for two hours to the riverbed of Purbang Khola. We enjoy our lunch at the bank of the river. Post lunch, the trek now climbs up on a steep hill full of yarsagompo for next two hours to Pandal. Trekking on a leveled trail for few minutes followed by a short uphill climb brings us to the Pandal hilltop. From the hilltop, the sharp descending climb of about sixty minutes brings us to our campsite at Phupal Daha.

  • Day: 06: Phupal Daha to Dule/ 7 hrs trek

    After the breakfast in our camps at Phupal Daha, the trek resumes. After ten minutes of trek along the leveled trail with the open and barren landscapes in the vicinity, we begin to descend downhill to Gurja Khola. Yarsa Gompo is at the full boom until Gurja Khola. Chasing the downstream trail beside a small river from Gurja Khola for almost two and half hours, we arrive to Sim Khola, where our lunch is served. After the lunch the trek winds on the trail beside Sim Khola most of the times, occasionally deviating to a jungle trail up and down to reach to the campsite at Dule.

  • Day: 07: Dule to Tatopani (2360m)/ 4 hrs trek

    Today onwards the trek has a bit different highlights. Starting the trek downhill along the jungle comprising bamboo, pines and rhododendron we get to a small village after ninety minutes of pleasant walk. The village, which has 20 houses at the most also has a small school. We walk on the downhill trail that runs through the village for almost an hour and emerge to an open valley. Trekking for almost an hour along the leveled trail through the valley takes us to the next mountainous village. Beyond the village, trek on the leveled jungle trail for almost an hour to Tatopani. We enjoy the lunch at Tatopani and set out to explore the village. Overnight in a camp at Tatopani.

  • Day: 08: Rest day at Tatopani

    After five days of trek through the tough geographic sites in the mountains of Nepal, a day rest is worthwhile. We can use the rest day to chill in the hot springs of Tatopani and take a short excursion around the village to enjoy the magnificent views of valley and lush vegetation.

  • Day: 09: Tatopani to Kayam (3000m)/ 5 hrs trek

    The latter half of Dolpo Yarsagompo Trek on Guerrilla trail after a day rest at Tatopani resumes today. Beginning the trek on the leveled trail, the trek comes at the river. We cross the bridge over the river and head up into the forest of rhododendrons, bamboos and firs. Trekking along the jungle trail for more than two hours we arrive to a small village named Sano Jhalung. Treading on the trail through the terraced farmlands carved on the hill, the trek arrives to Thulo Jhalung, which is relatively larger than the village we crossed past few minutes earlier. Exiting out the village, we once again hike uphill through the jungle trail for two hours to reach our campsite at Kayam. Enjoy the lunch at Kayam and set out to explore the neighborhood.

  • Day: 10: Kayam to Thakur (3175m)/ 6-7 hrs trek

    During today’s trek, we trek on a leveled trail through the jungle for almost two and half hours to get to Ghuchhi. Beyond Ghuchhi, we hike downhill through the jungle to the riverbed. We cross the river to set the lunch camp in the open space. After the lunch, we continue to trek uphill through the jungle to emerge at our campsite in Thakur.

  • Day: 11: Thakur to Phalgune Pass (3915m)/ 7 hrs trek

    Although we have the trekking hours today, the trek is not that demanding. We follow uphill trail that runs through the dense forest for two hours and arrive to Bhaisi Kharka. Beyond Bhaisi Kharka, we tread the leveled trail and downhill trail on an open hill until we get to the foothill of Phalgune Pass. The trek to the acme of Phalgune Pass is a gentle climb. We set our camps at Phalgune Pass for the overnight stay

  • Day: 12: Phalgune Pass to Dhorpatan (2870m)/ 7 hrs trek

    The trek down to only hunting reserve in Nepal begins with the long downhill climb through the jungle that stretches all the way to the riverbed, which has few hotels. We can enjoy the lunch at this point before we resume the trek. Post lunch, the trek traverses on the leveled trail through the dense jungle for thirty minutes. Emerging out of the woods, we continue to trek in the open space with frequent settlements all the way to Dhorpatan. We will camp beside the airport in Dhorpatan.

  • Day: 13: Rest day at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

    Dhorpatan is the only hunting reserve in the country. The reserve is divided into six blocks for hunting management purposes. The reserve’s elevation ranges from 2,850m to more than 7,000m.Established in 1987 the reserve is 1,325 sq. km. The reserve is one of the prime habitats of blue sheep, a highly prized trophy animal, which is the main target of hunters. Other game species are ghoral, serow, Himalayan tahr, black bear, pheasant and partridge. Endangered species of the area include the red panda and cheer pheasant. Controlled hunting is allowed with proper license and during certain seasons of the year. Game licence is issued by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu. Besides hunting, Dhorpatan is also an attractive destination for the trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts as protection has enabled animal numbers to increase in this rarely visited area. The reserve includes several villages inhabited by hill tribes as well as people of Tibetan descent who supplement farming with trade and animal husbandry. You can visit monastery, chortens and local markets. The typical houses with wooden roofs attract you. You can learn about the social and cultural life style of local inhabitants. Edi

  • Day: 14: Dhorpatan to Bhaisikharka/ 4 hrs trek

    The first half of today’s trek winds on the leveled trail, where we frequently encounter ethnical villages inhabited by Magar and Kami tribes. After two hours of trek, we get to Gurjaghat, a village dominated by Magars, where we have our lunch. After the lunch, the trek enters the jungle, and chases the leveled trail inside it all the way to our campsite in Bhaisikharka.

  • Day: 15: Bhaisikharka to Moreni (2275m)/ 5-6 hrs trek

    The trek today slides down most of the times. Howver, a part of it ascends up to the top of Jaljala Pass 3414m. Initially the trek from Bhaisikharka winds along the leveled trail and gradually gains elevation up to the pass. The view of Dhaulagiri and its siblings from the pass is so alluring that trekkers stop at this point for quite a while to soak into its magnificence. Three hours down the pass will bring us to our campsite at Moreni.

  • Day: 16: Moreni to Takam (1675m)/ 5-6 hrs trek

    Today the trek continuously drops down. Through tropical forest and frequently emerging into ethnical villages dominated by the Magar tribes, we arrive to our campsite in Takam after five hours of pleasant trek.

  • Day: 17: Takam to Darbang (1070m)/ 5-6 hrs trek

    The trek continues to drop down along the lush vegetation on Dhaulagiri Circuit trail all the way to Darbang. Most of the times the trek today runs beside the trail on the bank of Myagdi River. We will set our camps in school playground and explore the small town, which is slightly influenced with modern amenities.

  • Day: 18: Darbang to Beni (830m)/ 5-6 hrs trek

    The final day of Yarsagomo trek on Guerrilla trail traverses on the trail beside Mayagdi River all the way to district headquaters of Myagdi district, Beni. Release all the trek exhaustion at Beni.

  • Day: 19: Beni to Pokhara/ Drive

    Today we drive on the twisted highway that runs on a hill above Himalayan Rivers like Kali and Modi to Pokhara. Pokhara is almost three and half hours drive from Beni. On your arrival at Pokhara, we will transfer you into your hotel. Enjoy rest of the time on your own.

  • Day: 20: Pokhara to Kathmandu/ Drive

    Today, we will drive along Nepal's most popular highway, Prithivi Highway. The highway that runs on the hill above Rivers like Seti, Marsyangdi and Trishuli joins Kathmandu and Pokhara. Enjoy the landscapes and the rural culture throughout the drive. On arriving Kathmandu, we will transfer you into your hotel.

  • Day: 21: Depart Kathmandu

    Our representative will drive you to the airport for your return flight.

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