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“Explore Nepal’s two most beautiful National Parks which hold equally fascinating Lakes and en-route witness Nepal’s remoteness and authentic rural lifestyle and Himalayan vistas at its best.”

This trek begins from Jumla and leads to Dolpo via Mugu covering the two National Parks i.e. Rara and Shey Phoksundo National Park. The trip will provide varied experience of different life style, customs, traditions, culture and religions. Beside these, the trip offers you wide variety of natural wonders throughout the journey.

Along the trip there are two famous lakes. Rara the biggest lake of Nepal looks really beautiful where you can also make sightseeing around the lake it really reliefs your tiredness. Another one is Phoksundo, the deepest lake of Nepal which is popular for its sparkling colour, fresh and clean water that looks gorgeous and makes you really fresh.

Besides the lake you can visit some important Gompas and village gathering knowledge of Bon religion and tradition.
You can enjoy the trail with the places that look more or less same but keep slight differences with one another. This trail also bears the high possibility to view the glamour of Himalayas the Snow Leopard. There are some renowned passes along the way. Crossing those passes one can really takes breathe of satisfaction and realizes the pleasure of the effort.

There are several Gompas (Monasteries)in villages which hold different importance. These Gompas are the treasure of old religious texts. Most of these villages are being guided by the Senior Lamas of these Gompas with their own socio-cultural norms and values.

One can also observe the different activities of the National Parks carried out in collaboration with the local people. Since these places are far away from the modern facilities of basic needs, they seem to be satisfied with what they have. In spite of their hardship of life the people always look happy, cute and innocent.

This trail is the especial one because it is not used by the usual trekkers so it is hard to find any human traffic along the way. This adventurous rout is full of excitements of exclusive experiences where the animals are not possible for transportation. All the way along there is no any tea house therefore all the stoppage will be in camp.
Overall the trip will furnish you with the real satisfaction and unforgettable experiences of the region.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight/ 1hr and night stay at Hotel Kitchen Hut
  • Day 02:Nepalgunj to Jumla flight/ 35 mins
  • Day 03:Jumla to Chherechaur (3055m)
  • Day 04:Chherechaur to Chautha (2807m)
  • Day 05:Chautha to Rara (2980m)
  • Day 06:Rara Rest Day
  • Day 07:Rara to Lumsha / Kumpa (2010m)
  • Day 08:Kumpa to Tiyar (2418m)
  • Day 09:Tiyar to Thajuchaur (4050m)
  • Day 10:Thajuchaur to Chyandi Khola (4830m) crossing Chyargo La (5150m)
  • Day 11:Chyandi Khola to Pung Kharka (4650m) Crossing Yala La (5414m)
  • Day 12:Pung Kharka to Pho Village (4087m)/ crossing Nyingma gyanzen La (5536m)
  • Day 13:Pho Village to Vijer/ crossing Yambur La (4813m)
  • Day 14:Vijer to Samling Gompa
  • Day 15:Samling Gompa to Shey Gompa
  • Day 16:Shey Gompa – Rest day
  • Day 17:Shey Gompa to Singthupra(4765m)
  • Day 18:Singthupra to Chumchu danda (4885m)
  • Day 19:Chumchu danda to Phoksundo (3360m)
  • Day 20:Phoksundo to Rest day (Rigmo village 3733m)
  • Day 21:Phoksundo to Chhepka (2720m)
  • Day 22:Chhepka to Dunai (2140m)
  • Day 23:Dunai to Juphal (2475m)
  • Day 24:Juphal to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight
  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight/ 1hr and night stay at Hotel Kitchen Hut


  • Day 02: Nepalgunj to Jumla flight/ 35 mins


  • Day 03: Jumla to Chherechaur (3055m)

    Jumla – Chherechaur (3055m)

  • Day 04: Chherechaur to Chautha (2807m)

    Chherechaur – Chautha (2807m)

  • Day 05: Chautha to Rara (2980m)

    Chautha – Rara (2980m)

  • Day 06: Rara Rest Day

    Rara- Rest Day

  • Day 07: Rara to Lumsha / Kumpa (2010m)

    Rara – Lumsha / Kumpa (2010m)

  • Day 08: Kumpa to Tiyar (2418m)

    Kumpa – Tiyar (2418m)

  • Day 09: Tiyar to Thajuchaur (4050m)

    Tiyar- Thajuchaur (4050m)

  • Day 10: Thajuchaur to Chyandi Khola (4830m) crossing Chyargo La (5150m)

    Thajuchaur – Chyargo La (5150m) cross- Chyandi Khola (4830m)

  • Day 11: Chyandi Khola to Pung Kharka (4650m) Crossing Yala La (5414m)

    Chyandi Khola – Cross Yala La (5414m)- Pung Kharka (4650m)

  • Day 12: Pung Kharka to Pho Village (4087m)/ crossing Nyingma gyanzen La (5536m)

    Pung Kharka – Nyingma gyanzen La (5536m)- Pho Village (4087m)

  • Day 13: Pho Village to Vijer/ crossing Yambur La (4813m)

    Pho Village – Yambur La (4813m)- Vijer

  • Day 14: Vijer to Samling Gompa

    Vijer – Samling Gompa

  • Day 15: Samling Gompa to Shey Gompa

    Samling Gompa – Shey Gompa

  • Day 16: Shey Gompa – Rest day

    Shey Gompa – Rest day

  • Day 17: Shey Gompa to Singthupra(4765m)

    Shey Gompa – Singthupra(4765m)

  • Day 18: Singthupra to Chumchu danda (4885m)

    Singthupra – Chumchu danda (4885m)

  • Day 19: Chumchu danda to Phoksundo (3360m)

    Chumchu danda – Phoksundo (3360m)

  • Day 20: Phoksundo to Rest day (Rigmo village 3733m)

    Phoksundo – Rest day (Rigmo village 3733m)

  • Day 21: Phoksundo to Chhepka (2720m)

    Phoksundo – Chhepka (2720m)

  • Day 22: Chhepka to Dunai (2140m)

    Chhepka – Dunai (2140m)

  • Day 23: Dunai to Juphal (2475m)

    Dunai – Juphal (2475m)

  • Day 24: Juphal to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight

    Juphal – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu

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