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“Walk to get amazed, walk to know one of oldest histories of Nepal, walk to witness the most authentic culture of Wild West and walk to the most beautiful place on Earth- Jumla, Rara Lake & Sinja Valley Trek” Jumla, Rara Lake &  Sinja Valley Trek is truly one of the most fascinating offbeat treks in Nepal.

The isolated settlements of west Nepal, where the authentic culture can be observed at its best, the magnificence of Rara Lake, where nature has gifted the most beautiful delights and the Sinja Valley, where the history of Nepalese culture blend so well with natural beauty are the prime highlights of Jumla, Rara Lake & Sinja Valley Trek. The properly tailored trekking holiday in west Nepal, this trek has so many things to cater that are truly wonderful naturally and authentic culturally.

A weeklong trek through the trails of Wild West Mountains of Nepal has few challenging walks and rest the pleasant ones. Trekking in Nepal is always an adventurous venture and if the trekking trail treads the offbeat paths of Nepal, it is even more intriguing. During this trekking in Nepal, we traverse through so many beautiful hamlets, which are full of cultural heritages. This trekking adventure in the west Nepal also has abundant possibility of sightseeing rare floral species.

We come across the terraced rice fields, which lie at the elevation of above 3000m- the fascinating sight for the eyes and your cameras. Overall, Jumla, Rara Lake & Sinja Valley Trek is the complete trekking package of Nepal that caters, nature, history and culture of 1 particular region that is west Nepal.

This itinerary can be change as per  your  interest and time frame.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Kathmandu (1400m) to Nepalgunj (150m) to Jumla (2540flight and Nepalgunj to Jumla (2540m)
  • Day 02:Jumla to Khali Gaon (3685m)
  • Day 03:Khali Gaon to Bulbule (3182m)
  • Day 04:Bulbule to Jhyari (2635m)
  • Day 05:Jhyari to Rara (2980m).
  • Day 06:Rara Exploration day
  • Day 07:Rara to Malika Bota
  • Day 08:Malika Bota to Chalachaur
  • Day 09:Chalachaur to Jumla
  • Day 10:Jumla to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight
  • Day 01: Kathmandu (1400m) to Nepalgunj (150m) to Jumla (2540flight and Nepalgunj to Jumla (2540m)

    If we take 55 minutes morning flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and on the same day can fly to Jumla that takes nearly 45 minutes. Jumla is regional headquarter of Karnali zone.
    The travel can be done by bus or small vehicles that take 12 to 14 hours from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then fly take a plane to Jumla that takes nearly 35 minutes. OR The travel can be made by bus to Jumla from Kathmandu that takes nearly 24 hours.

  • Day 02: Jumla to Khali Gaon (3685m)

    You can take a ride of vehicle from Jumla to Rara lake. Or Jumla to Khaligaon 3865m, 6 hours trek Now you will start your trekking from Jumla taking the trail through some villages.

    The trail goes somehow straight and it will be easy walking experiencing the social life style of the region. Nearly after the walk of 3 hours the trail slightly ascends.

    After the walk of nearly 4 hours passing a small pass DanpheNangla (3691 mtrs) you will reach the village Khaligaon. This is the village where the only technical school of the western region “Karnali Technical School” is producing technical man power in regular basis.
    The village is interesting to observe the activities carried out there. There are some hotels and tea houses to refresh.

  • Day 03: Khali Gaon to Bulbule (3182m)

    The trail ascends through jungle of pine and rhododendron trees and some villages are seen from the trail.

  • Day 04: Bulbule to Jhyari (2635m)

    The trail ascends and crossing the pass Ghuchi Lagna reaches to Jhyari The trail goes through beautiful field and Army camp. This trail provides fantastic sightseeing of the place.

  • Day 05: Jhyari to Rara (2980m).

    Today the trail takes us to the Biggest lake of Nepal "Rara".

  • Day 06: Rara Exploration day

    Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal that gives relief with its magnificent look. The lake is surrounded by forest and different kinds of flowers can be seen by the side. People can cycle around the lake. Boating facilities are also available. There is a hotel by the side but camping is also available.

  • Day 07: Rara to Malika Bota

    The place is also known as “Hard Sinjha” or “Sinjha Valley”. This is place where Nepali language flourished from.

  • Day 08: Malika Bota to Chalachaur

    From Malika Bota we head towards Chalachaur.

  • Day 09: Chalachaur to Jumla

    From Chalachaur the trail heads towards Jumla.

  • Day 10: Jumla to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flight

    Taking a 45 minutes flight from Jumla to Nepalgunj and 55 minutes flight from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

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